Turkish Engineers Produced Precision Controlled Air Conditioner

turk engineers produced precision air conditioners
turk engineers produced precision air conditioners

Turkish engineers achieved another success. It produced "Canovate Precision Controlled Air Conditioners" that compete with global companies in countries such as the USA, China and Germany.

The advanced technology company Canovate Group, which is among the top 10 global brands with its technology in fiber optic and data center systems and its end-to-end product portfolio, started to compete with global companies in Canovate Precision Controlled Air Conditioners, which it developed locally and nationally.

Canovate Precision Controlled Air Conditioners compete with companies in the USA, China and Germany in the global market. Canovate Group, which has gained a significant market share in the Balkan countries and Gulf countries, aims to be among the world's leading brands in the precision-controlled air conditioners market in the coming period.

Canovate Precision Controlled Air Conditioners; It is required for sensitive air conditioning of places such as data centers, laboratories, museums, archive rooms, UPS rooms, system rooms, libraries, electrical panel rooms, hospitals, computer rooms, ammunition and military radar facilities. It is also of vital importance in preventing the slightest mistake from resulting in a great loss of information and cost.

What are the features that distinguish Canovate Precision Controlled Air Conditioners from their competitors?

Stating that they are a domestic and advanced technology company that develops precision-controlled air conditioners to international standards, Canovate Energy Sales and Marketing Manager Alper Zülkaroğlu said: “Our company, which makes domestic and national production, is one of the main suppliers of global telecommunication companies. Precision controlled air conditioners are among the main equipment of telecommunication companies. When we talk about the plus features of Canovate Precision Controlled Air Conditioners, they are completely domestic design and national production. There is front access to all equipment inside the devices, which provides ease of service and maintenance. Fans and filters can be easily interfered with thanks to its sliding structure. Although the SHR sensible heat ratio is 1, maximum efficiency can be obtained from all capacities. Thanks to our test center, we have the opportunity to test the devices at maximum points by providing the desired indoor and outdoor air conditions. We provide services throughout our country and export markets with our after-sales service network.”

Demand is growing exponentially

Explaining that precision-controlled air conditioners are air-conditioning devices that provide the necessary temperature and humidity control, Alper Zülkaroğlu said: “Precision-controlled air conditioners are industrial-type high-efficiency and sensitive air-conditioning devices used in applications where temperature and humidity control is required. Precisely controlled air conditioners designed on the basis of working 24 hours a day, every day throughout the year, provide the necessary temperature, humidity and filtration, thus maximizing the working life and efficiency of electronic equipment. In these devices and systems, which emit heat to the area they are in during their operation, if proper cooling is not provided, increased heating can cause data loss and the system to consume its life in a short time. Another factor we encounter is that the increase in the amount of moisture can cause losses due to oxidation in electronic devices. In short, the demand for the sector worldwide is increasing exponentially. In our country, the sector is quite active. In particular, due to the establishment of new data centers, the establishment of their own system rooms by prioritizing data security, the increase in the amount of applications in military areas, the widespread use of precision air conditioners in laboratories in factories and hospitals, more efficient and high-performance precision-controlled air conditioners have started to be preferred. .

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