Elevator to Overpasses in Trabzon

elevators are being built to the overpasses in trabzon
elevators are being built to the overpasses in trabzon

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality continues to work with sensitivity to make daily life easier. Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, who puts the comfort of disabled people first in all the works carried out, is putting his projects into practice one after another. Metropolitan teams, in line with the instructions of Mayor Zorluoğlu, carry out elevator work on the overpasses in order to prevent problems for disabled individuals, patients and elderly citizens.

The works carried out under the leadership of Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, who said, "We must think about our disabled brothers and sisters first in every project" since the day he took office, continue without slowing down. President Zorluoğlu, who broke new ground in Trabzon for disabled individuals, also solves the problem experienced while going to Trabzon Airport in Ortahisar district. Disabled individuals, patients and elderly people who had problems using the overpass between Karadeniz Technical University Gate C and Trabzon Airport conveyed the situation to Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu. Taking action immediately upon the request of his fellow countrymen, Zorluoğlu made necessary consultations with the Regional Directorate of Highways regarding the issue.


At the request of the Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, the foot assembly of the overpass, whose construction was started by the Regional Directorate of Highways, is being carried out, while the electric lines are simultaneously placed underground by the relevant electricity authority. The elevators of the overpass will be made by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality. After the completion of the works, disabled individuals, sick and elderly citizens will now be able to cross the road easily.


In the statement made by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, “As Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, we continue our efforts to make the lives of our citizens easier. In this direction, we have started the works to build elevators for the overpasses. There was great difficulty on the way to Trabzon Airport from the Black Sea Technical University gate C. In line with the complaints received on this subject, we took action for the construction of the overpass, in consultation with the relevant institutions, with the instructions of our Mayor, Mr. Murat Zorluoğlu. Currently, the legs of the overpass are being assembled. Simultaneously with this process, the electricity lines are taken underground by the relevant electricity authority. Then, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we will install the elevator. We will continue our work, which we started with the most used overpasses, over time. This work, which we believe will provide great convenience to our citizens, will be beneficial for our Trabzon” expressions were used.

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