Former Bursa Mudanya Railway Line Becomes a Cycling Route

bursa old railway line became a cycling route
bursa old railway line became a cycling route

Today in memories remained… Its construction started in 1875. Bursa-Mudanya Railway The first train service on the line was made in 1892. It was disabled in 1948 on the grounds that it did not provide economic return and the rails were also dismantled.


Merinos, Persians, Passage, Yörükali, Mudanya with stations Mudanya Train It was important for the region besides carrying passengers.


With the visuality of the station buildings of those years, it stands and continues to serve as a hotel, restaurant and social facility today. railway route almost forgotten.


While the memories of the past are being expressed, many people like a story is coming. Because the number of people who remember this line today has decreased a lot.

Those who remember too…

Very slow train ramp it slowed down even more while climbing, even the passengers getting off the first wagon on the slope, picking grapes and fruit from vineyards They say that they got back on the train from the last carriage.


of the past and In the memories of Bursa live Mudanya Train route, Mudanya'about Ülkü Neighborhood Mukhtar Taner Bayrak'with the project of Yörükali-Ülkü-Mürsel The villages gained a brand new feature for the region.

The project ...

Passing through olive and pine trees in the area where there is no slope old railway line route for nature and bike lovers today cycling route turned into.


we are in pandemic in the process, primarily Almonds residents, including residents of the area, on weekends family bike ride They have already started their tour.

Taner Bayrak, mayor of Ulku Neighborhood While describing the purpose of his project, he said:

“Our primary goal is to make the old railway route between Mürsel and Yörükali neighborhoods a route that citizens can use safely. In this way, we want to attract bicycle and nature-loving citizens to the region and revive rural tourism and provide economic gain to the people of the region.”

Commercial cornucopia by 'smart bike' to old train track

Taner Bayrak, mayor of Ulku Neighborhood sea ​​air Bursa Plain'Reminding that he had entered from here, he said:

“Local governments support cycling for healthy living. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is spreading the smart bicycle application. We also want to provide an experience with a fun and sea air in the nature, where safety standards are provided on the old railway.”


The region's olives, figs, grapes, mushrooms, milk and eggs will meet directly with the consumer.

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