Ministry of Commerce to Recruit 60 Assistant Trade Experts

Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Commerce

In order to be appointed to the 8th and 9th degree cadres in the General Administrative Services Class at the Ministry of Trade, Trade Specialists will be recruited in the following areas and numbers with the entrance examination.

The entrance exam will be held in two stages, written and oral.

For the written exam, candidates up to 20 times the quota number will be invited according to the order of success from the KPSS score type specified for each section listed below. All candidates who have equal points with the candidate in the last row will be invited to the written exam.

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Sequence No. Branch of Education Unit Number of Quotas KPSS
Score Type
1 Economy Center 12 KPSS-P14 KPSS-P15 KPSS-P16 KPSS-P17
2 Public administration Center 10 KPSS-P29 KPSS-P30 KPSS-P31
3 Law Center 9 KPSS-P4
4 International relations Center 8 KPSS-P34 KPSS-P35 KPSS-P36 KPSS-P37
5 operating Center 7 KPSS-P24 KPSS-P25 KPSS-P26
6 Statistics Center 5 KPSS-P12
7 Industrial Engineering Center 5 KPSS-P2 KPSS-P3
8 Finance Center 2 KPSS-P19 KPSS-P20 KPSS-P21
9 International trade and logistics Center 2 KPSS-P25

a) To carry the general conditions specified in the article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b) Not to have completed the age of thirty-five as of the first day of January of the year in which the entrance exam is held (those born on or after 01.01.1986 can apply),

c) Political sciences, law, economics and administrative sciences, economics, business and engineering faculties of higher education institutions that provide at least four years of education, and the above-mentioned departments of other faculties, or education institutions in Turkey or abroad whose equivalence is accepted by the Higher Education Council (YÖK). To graduate from the above-mentioned departments, (Candidates must scan the equivalence documents approved by YÖK in jpeg format, if they graduate from the departments that are considered equivalent to the above-mentioned departments, and add them to the request form they can access from the website of our Ministry during their application.),

ç) To obtain a score of 2019 and above from the relevant KPSS score type specified in the table above, in the Public Personnel Selection Exam held by OSYM in 2020 and 70,

d) To have received at least (C) level score from YDS/e-YDS in one of the German, French and English languages ​​in the last two years as of the application deadline, or to have an internationally valid document whose equivalence is accepted by OSYM in terms of language proficiency. ,

e) 100 TL exam fee will be collected from the candidates who will apply, and candidates who do not pay the exam fee will not be admitted to the exam. Candidates who have paid the exam fee but are not eligible to take the written exam will be refunded.

Exam application date and method 
Exam applications will be made on the Ministry's corporate website ( between 18/12/2020 - 28/12/2020, and applications that are not made electronically within the period specified in the announcement will not be taken into consideration. Candidates will be able to apply for only one of these departments.

 Exam date and place 
The written exam will be held in Ankara on January 31, 2021, and the place and time of the exam will be stated in the exam entry documents of the candidates. Candidates must be present at the place where they will take the exam at least one hour before the exam time and have a valid identity document (ID card, driver's license or passport) with them.
The oral exam will be held in Ankara, and the date and place of the oral exam will be announced on the corporate website of our Ministry ( together with the result of the written exam.



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