Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Recruit 1 Contracted Secretaries

Personnel will be recruited for the position of Contracted Secretary of 1 (one) Turkish nationality, which is vacant at the Turkish Embassy in Madrid.

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1. Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,

2. Not to be older than 46 years as of the exam date,

3. To be graduated from at least high school or equivalent schools and foreign schools approved by the Ministry of National Education to be equivalent to these schools,

4. Not to be deprived of public rights,

5. Not to be sentenced for imprisonment, embezzlement, conflict, corruption, bribery, theft, fraud, fraud, abuse of faith, even if they have been subjected to heavy imprisonment or more than 6 months imprisonment or amnesty,
6. To have or have done military service for men,

7. To certify that there is no obstacle to work in all kinds of climatic conditions with the report of the health committee (Health Committee Report is requested from the candidates to be employed),

8. Very good knowledge of Spanish and Turkish (Good knowledge of English is preferred),

9. Use computer and typewriter.

1. Application petition stating the desire to participate in the exam (contact information such as address, telephone number, e-mail address should also be included in the petition),

2. CV (CV),

3. Photocopies of the pages processed by the original or approved Turkish passport,

4. The original or certified copy of the Turkish Identity Card (ID card),

5. Original or certified copy of the diploma obtained from the last graduated school (“equivalency certificate acak to be obtained from the Training Attaché for high school graduates abroad),

6. A definite demobilization certificate for military service or a document indicating that it is not related to military service,

7. 6 colored passport photos taken in the last 2 months,

Applications can be made in person, by reaching our Embassy Calle Rafael Calvo No:2/2021A-B 18 Madrid, or during working hours (between 2:28010-09:00 every weekday) until the end of business on Friday, July 17, 00 at the latest. Our Embassy is not responsible for delays and losses that may occur in applications made by mail.



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