Temsa Increases Exports to Romania with Domestic Battery Electric Vehicles

Temsa increases its exports to Romania with domestic battery electric vehicles
Temsa increases its exports to Romania with domestic battery electric vehicles

TEMSA, which took its first step into the market with the electric vehicle tender it won in Buzau, Romania in the past months, was also the winner of the tender held in Arad city in the region. Within the scope of the agreement, TEMSA, which has signed an agreement for 5 pieces of 9 meter MD9 electriCity and 5 pieces of 12 meter Avenue Electron, will have delivered a total of 6 electric vehicles developed and manufactured in Adana facilities, from batteries and battery packs to all technology, with the tenders won in the last 14 months.

TEMSA continues to consolidate its power in the European market with new tenders. TEMSA, which is preparing to deliver 4 Avenue Electron model electric buses to the city with the electric bus tender it won in Buzau, Romania in the past months, this time became the company that surpassed its global competitors in the electric bus tender held by Arad, Romania. TEMSA, which signed contracts for a total of 5 electric vehicles, including 9 9-meter MD5 electriCity and 12 10-meter Avenue Electron, within the scope of the concluded tender, together with the tenders won in the last 6 months, will develop and produce a total of 14 electric vehicles in Adana with all their technology until 2022. will deliver it to the city.


TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu, who made evaluations on the subject, reminded that they are one of the most important players in the electrification process, which is getting stronger day by day in the world, and said, “With the power we get from the partnership of Sabancı Holding and Skoda, we continue to carry our expertise in electric vehicles to different geographies of the world. In addition to our previously announced sales in Romania, one of the most important aspects of our new agreement for the city of Arad is that it covers two different models. This is one of the most important indicators of TEMSA's expertise in electric vehicles. The fact that these vehicles will have domestic batteries produced in our Adana facility gives us all great pride in terms of the point that Turkish industry and TEMSA technology have come to. To strengthen our presence in different countries, especially in Europe; We will continue to offer our TEMSA branded vehicles to new markets.”


TEMSA electric buses, customized according to the transportation strategy of the city of Arad, which stands out with its historical texture, will be used in the public transportation of the region. The vehicles, which are aimed to make a significant contribution to the environmental friendly transportation of the local government, offer an accessible and safe transportation solution with equipment compatible with European Union norms, high passenger capacity, and passenger information equipment integrated into the transportation system. With its programmable regeneration feature, TEMSA electric buses also allow the vehicle to make maximum use of the battery capacity by generating electricity during the journey.

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