With a Clean Erciyes Event, 4.3 Tons of Waste Waste Waste Collected

collected tons of waste batons with a clean erciyes event
collected tons of waste batons with a clean erciyes event

Environmental volunteers, who came together at the summit for a clean Erciyes, collected 4.3 tons of waste garbage with the 'Blue & Green Day in Erciyes' event.

Kayseri Erciyes Inc. The 'Blue&Green Day in Erciyes' environmental cleaning, which was made traditional and held on the first Sunday of June every year and postponed due to the pandemic last summer, was carried out on June 5, 2021.

The activity started with the slogan of hand in hand for a clean Erciyes; Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Spor A.Ş. Kayseri Transportation Inc. was held with the support of non-governmental organizations, sports clubs and volunteer citizens with environmental sensitivity.

On the day celebrated as World Environment Day, the volunteers who came together in Erciyes Tekir Kapı region were divided into different groups; tent camping area, tracks, daily picnic area and area cleaning in the pond area. In the event attended by 417 people, 4,3 tons of waste was collected. Some of the garbage collected throughout the mountain and Erciyes were written and viewed from the air.

Saying that they aim to reinforce environmental awareness among our people, Kayseri Erciyes AŞ. Direction. Exchange rate. President Dr. Murat Cahid Cıngı said, “Erciyes welcomes millions of guests from Turkey and abroad during the winter season. Since our mountain has become a living space, the wastes left to the environment; It is polluted by factors such as wind type and wind. After the snow lifts, the garbage left under the snow comes to light. These become visible in our summer activities. Today, we are cleaning with the support of volunteers with our Blue Green Day event in Erciyes. We are trying to clean our own mountain that we have polluted. Here, the cleaning activities of our Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Melikgazi Municipality continue. The main reason for us to come together here is to give a message to the society, to people and say, "Look, all my children, from 7 to 70, are collecting the environment you have polluted." The best cleaning is not to pollute. If we protect the environment and throw our garbage in the garbage cans, we will contribute to the economy again by separating our wastes. Our aim is to raise awareness by delivering these messages to everyone. It makes us proud to be instrumental in these transmissions. We are also happy that this activity we do on a routine basis coincides with World Environment Day. Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in our event. "said

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