Covid-19 Precautions to Take on Vacation

covid precautions that can be taken on vacation
covid precautions that can be taken on vacation

2021 will pass the summer season with the Covid-2020 pandemic, as it did in 19. Reminding that people go on vacation in the summer, but Covid-19 does not go on vacation, Anadolu Health Center Infectious Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Elif Hakko said, “We should continue to stay away from crowded environments and protect ourselves and our loved ones from Covid-19 during our summer vacation. If we do not have a protection plan from Covid-19, our holiday plan is also incomplete.

After a winter season with restrictions, the holiday season has begun. Emphasizing that it is undoubtedly vital to stay in places where precautions are taken and can be trusted during the holiday, Anadolu Health Center Infectious Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Elif Hakko said, “This summer, as last year, alternatives such as summer houses, caravans, tents, plateaus and boats can be preferred for accommodation. It should continue to avoid crowded environments as much as possible,” he reminded.

The virus is not transmitted from the sea and pool.

Infectious Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Elif Hakko said, “It should not be forgotten that the virus cannot be transmitted by swimming in the right amount of chlorinated pool water or swimming in the sea. After touching the common areas, hands should not touch the mask, face, mouth and nose, they should be washed.

Do not remove the mask on the plane or bus

Underlining that masks should never be taken off during plane or bus journeys and that masks should be worn in accordance with the rules, Assoc. Dr. Elif Hakko said, “Make sure to disinfect your hands after touching the door handles in crowded areas. Observe social distancing in waiting areas. When you sit on the chair, disinfect the arm parts of the chair and the table you are sitting on. Avoid contact with the mask or face without cleaning the hand. Have a spare mask with you. Inform your children about the virus; tell them about the hygiene rules and the correct use of masks. Most importantly, be an example.”

19 good things to do for yourself against COVID-9

Emphasizing the importance of the immune system during the summer vacation, Infectious Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Elif Hakko made 19 suggestions for a stronger immunity against COVID-9:

Eat healthy for your body resistance

Watch your sugar and carbohydrate consumption. Do not forget that table sugar and foods made with sugar suppress our immune system as we do not need it.

Pay attention to your sleep

Sleep quality and duration are very important for a well-functioning immune system. For this, adults should sleep at least 7 hours a day and children 12 hours a day.


According to scientific studies, regular moderate-intensity exercises increase the rate of antibodies in the body. Therefore, support your immune system with walking and simple exercises to be done at home.

drink plenty of water

This is important for getting rid of toxins in the body and reviving the metabolism.

Pay attention to the seasons

Protect yourself from diseases such as colds and colds seen in seasonal changes. Avoid sleeping with the window open at night.

Change your mask often

Take care to replace your mask when it becomes dirty and damp.

Accept the situation and take time for yourself

Waiting for the situation to improve can increase your anxiety level; instead, it is healthier to accept the current situation and focus on what you need to do now. Take time for yourself when you are at home.

Do breathing exercises

The most important area of ​​struggle against COVID-19 is the respiratory tract and lungs. Breathless helps to reduce the symptom of shortness of breath caused by illness and reduce anxiety.

Do not smoke

Avoid tobacco use, especially during the pandemic period, as smoking facilitates the adherence of COVID-19, which targets the lungs, in the lungs.

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