T-155 Yavuz Howitzer System Completed Land and Firing Tests

T-yavuz truck-mounted obus system completed field and fire tests
T-yavuz truck-mounted obus system completed field and fire tests

The T-6 Truck-Mounted Howitzer System, which is mounted on a 6×155 vehicle developed by the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation, has successfully completed the field and firing tests.

Stating that the vehicle was developed with YOL-BAK company, SAHA İSTANBUL announced the development on its official Twitter account. The statement made by SAHA İSTANBUL is as follows:

“In the tests carried out in the second half of May 2021, the T-155 YAVUZ HOWTO delivered 6 consecutive shots to the target with a deviation of only 1 meter, remaining well below the acceptable limit of artillery fire of 30 meters. by YOL-BAK; Except for weapons and fire control software, all engineering activities including superstructure, armored double cabin, hydraulic system including software, analysis and designs were completed on turnkey basis in accordance with all military standards. "

Truck-mounted howitzer systems continue to increase their market share on a wide scale from developing countries to developed countries, as they are more cost-effective than tracked self-propelled howitzer systems and provide convenience in maintenance, repair and transportation. For this reason, the export potential of truck-mounted howitzer systems is quite high. With the introduction of truck-mounted howitzer systems that can operate in areas with lower threat levels than tracked howitzer systems, Turkey will increase its firepower even further.

Turkey continues its other works on artillery systems. The T-2 Fırtına NG, also known as Fırtına 155, continues the production of self-propelled howitzer systems.

In addition, the effectiveness of artillery will be increased with solutions such as the Distance Correction Kit (MDK) developed by Roketsan. This product, which is in the form of a fuze, will be mounted on various ammunition, especially 155 mm cannon shells in the inventory. Although the kit does not increase the detonation effect of the ammunition, it ensures that the point where the ammunition falls is approaching the target point in range.

MKE Yavuz

The vehicle used for the 155 millimeter 52 caliber MKE Yavuz howitzer system was developed as fully armored. It takes a maximum of 1 minute for the system to prepare for a fire, and a maximum of 2 minutes for the system to complete the shot and change position. Yavuz has a double cabin with a capacity of 5 crew members and can reach a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour when fully loaded.

Yavuz Howitzer can hit the same target with 3 different ammunition at the same time with different elevation angles and propulsion modules. The system can shoot at military units and battalions within a range of 40 kilometers with long-range ammunition. Due to the fact that the deployed artillery unit is far from the counter targets, the risk of counter-attack by the enemy is also reduced.

With the Yavuz Howitzer, 15 beats (pulsed beats) in 3 seconds, 1-4 beats in 6 minute (normal beats), 1 beats in 2 minute (continuous beats).

Source: defenceturk

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