It's Wrong to Swim Against the Current

swimming against the current is wrong
swimming against the current is wrong

Pulling currents, or rip currents, are very strong currents that move from shallow water to deep water and are seen in regions where the sea bottom structure is in the form of sand-creep-sand-top or in other words, toe-dip-heel. When viewed from the shore, some of the waves break as they pass over the mound, while the waves on the rift reach the shore without breaking. During the current, foams are seen moving towards the open sea in the form of a channel and the color of the water changes towards the open sea. Pulling currents are frequently seen on our Black Sea coasts.

Contrary to what is commonly known among the public, the pulling currents certainly do not pull people to the bottom, they carry those caught in the current away from the shore and towards the open. Drowning incidents occur as a result of people who are caught in the rip current being pulled out from relatively safe shallow waters, struggling to return to the shore with fear and panic, and as a result, they are tired and unable to keep themselves afloat.

The best course of action for a person caught in the current is to act calmly and not to panic. Do not try to swim towards the shore as it is impossible to go against the current. It should not be forgotten that the pulling current is a simple natural phenomenon, it will end after a while, and it should be tried to swim to the area where there is no current parallel to the coast without hurrying. However, if there is too much fatigue to swim, help should be sought by trying to stay afloat.

swimming against the current is wrong
swimming against the current is wrong

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