Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition Started

sultanbeyli international short film competition has started
sultanbeyli international short film competition has started

The Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition, hosted by Sultanbeyli Municipality for the first time this year, started. In addition to the film screenings on the first day of the competition, the interview with the head of the National Competition Jury, master actress Perihan Savaş, was followed with interest by the cinema lovers.

The Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition, organized by the Municipality of Sultanbeyli with the support of the General Directorate of Cinema of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, met its audience. Within the scope of the competition, the participants had a day full of cinema, with the film screenings held at Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Cultural Center in accordance with the pandemic rules, as well as the talk from the Sultanbeyli Municipality social media accounts: A Master from the White Screen to the White Glass: Perihan Savaş.

International competition films in Sultanbeyli

Within the scope of the competition, the first films of the International Competition finalists were screened. Sagnik Dutta Gupta's Abandonment, Mahdi Iravani's Behind the Glasses, Karol Ulman's End of the World, Yousef Kargar's Gabriel, Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte and Zoé Devise's Migrants, Jean- Marie Villeneuve's On the Other Side, Santiago Aguilera and Gabriel Monreal's The Boy and The Mountain, Yağmur Kartal's The Toymaker Hidden Heirloom, Ragıp Türk's Tor and Munir Atalla's Wolf's Milk offer the audiences stories and stories from different geographies of the world. introduced to cultures.

“Yunus Emre” Commemorated with a Special Selection

In the second session of the day, a film was screened in memory of Yunus Emre, a Sufi and folk poet who pioneered Turkish poetry in Anatolia, within the scope of Yunus Emre and the Year of Turkish, accepted by UNESCO on the occasion of the 2th anniversary of his death. Among the films screened in memory of Yunus Emre were Muhammet Emin Altunkaynak's Abnormal, Ömer Ashbudak's Burhan, Ferhat Zengin and Bahadır Kapir's Magical Lantern Keepers, Sude Özbek's Stage Powder and Ferman Narin's Şeker Gıda.

Perihan Savaş gave important advice to young people

The highly anticipated event of the day was the interview with a master actor Perihan Savaş, who is also the head of the National Competition Jury, from the White Screen to a Master of White Glass. In the interview moderated by Suat Köçer, who was the consultant of the competition, Savaş answered the questions about his acting, short films and competitions and shared his views on the series and film industry.

“We came from Yeşilçam, but we need to adapt to the present”

Perihan Savaş, who first made statements about the phenomenon series Çukur, which made its finale in the interview, said, “Working with young people, young directors and actors in Çukur was a very good experience for me because it is always necessary to follow the innovations. We came from Yeşilçam. Some things are old in Yeşilçam, but it is necessary to adapt to today.” Talking about the character of the Sultan he played in the series, Savaş stated that his character in real life took on the opposite character and this was a very good experience for his career. Stating that he was not as strict as his character in the series in terms of discipline, and that he always treated his children as a friend, the master actor said that his communication with his family was always strong. Savaş shares his similar points with the characters of Sultan: “The fact that he takes care of his children and that his children come first for him makes me identify the Sultan with myself. For the Sultan, family and grandchildren come first. In that aspect, only that part of us is compatible.”

“New stories should be found instead of making duplicate TV series”

Making statements about the television and series industry in the later minutes of the interview, Perihan Savaş said, “When we look at the work done for television, we have some difficulty with the story. In addition to this, we are starting to see the shooting of similar stories, especially in recent years. Instead of running away from this convenience, other and new stories should be found.” Making evaluations about the TV series produced for digital platforms in his speech, Savaş said, "The fact that the series shot for digital is shot in packages and their duration is very attractive in terms of the efficiency of the actors" said that this type of working system would be more accurate for everyone who makes money in the industry, and most importantly, the stories are reasonable He stated that it will be explained better in time.

“Never stop making movies”

Perihan Savaş shared her views on young filmmakers in Turkey and underlined that very successful works were accomplished in the fields of documentary and short films. Stating that short film festivals and competitions are one of the biggest motivations for the artistic production of young people, Savaş said, "Recognize your talents, never stop making films and producing good works".

“Love your profession by giving your heart”

Stating that it is very enjoyable to work with young people in what she does, Perihan Savaş gives advice to young people who want to become actors, “The first thing I will say to young people is that they love their job. You will love your profession by giving your heart, you will read, research and do not hesitate to do it. Never be afraid to try. Try it and you will gain new experiences and pave your way.” Emphasizing the value of the work done by the Municipality of Sultanbeyli, who organized the competition, Perihan Savaş thanked all municipalities organizing such competitions and festivals on behalf of the youth for discovering their talents in the field of cinema.

Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition 2nd day program

  • 16 June 2021 Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Cultural Center (Mobile Salon)
  • 14.00 - National Competition Finalist Film Screenings 1
  • 16.30 - National Competition Finalist Film Screenings 2
  • 19.00 -Interview: “An Actor's Adventure” with Hakan Karsak

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