ŠKODA Kindness Vehicle at the Service of Children with Cancer

skoda charity car at the service of children with cancer
skoda charity car at the service of children with cancer

ŠKODA's “ŠKODA Kindness Vehicle”, which took to the streets last year as part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic and distributed masks to healthcare workers, food to street animals and books to children during the pandemic, is now at the service of children with cancer.

The cooperation announcement between ŠKODA and KAÇOD (Stay Away From My Cancer Child) Kocaeli Deputy Governor for Health Aslan Avşarbey, Kocaeli University hospital management, Head of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Department Prof. Dr. It was announced with a ceremony attended by Nazan Sarper and KAÇOD Board of Directors.

KAÇOD stands out as an association that tries to promote unknown childhood cancers and supports children's journeys through cancer treatment. Although it was founded in 2014, it provides support to at least 120 children every month in matters such as food, roadside assistance and surgery costs.

Within the scope of this cooperation, the ŠKODA Kindness Vehicle started to deliver support packages to children receiving treatment in the hospital. In addition, the transfer of children who stay at home and need to go to the hospital for treatment will also be carried out with the "ŠKODA Kindness Vehicle".

Deputy Governor of Kocaeli, Aslan Avşarbey, who attended the ceremony held due to the cooperation between ŠKODA and KAÇOD, said, “Our healthcare workers are working day and night both due to Covid and other diseases. Their rights cannot be paid or compensated. I want to thank all of them individually. Here, too, a great effort is being made. I wish our children and their families, who have been cured here, get well soon, and I wish a speedy recovery to those who are sick. In addition, I would like to thank the ŠKODA family for their valuable contributions.”

KAÇOD Founder and Chairman of the Board Burcu Temizkan said, “This time, we carry the donations of supplies and cleaning materials that we make continuously, with the ŠKODA Goodness Vehicle, with the permission of the Kocaeli Governorship. With this cooperation of ŠKODA, we have brought another nice touch to children receiving cancer treatment”.

“Our dreams come true”

Stating that they were very excited when they started the ŠKODA Goodness Vehicle project, Yüce Auto-ŠKODA General Manager Zafer Başar said, “We first started with the distribution of masks to healthcare workers. Then we did not forget the stray animals and distributed food. In the process, our Goodness Tools set out for our children who had to stay at home and distributed books to them. Now, we are happy that we have had the opportunity to alleviate the suffering of our children with cancer, even if a little. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this collaboration. I wish a speedy recovery to these children who are being treated.”

ŠKODA, which once again showed its sensitivity towards healthcare workers, stray animals and children during the coronavirus epidemic with its ”ŠKODA Goodness Vehicle” project, was also deemed worthy of the Felis Award with its “ŠKODA Goodness Vehicle” project in the “Agenda and Crisis Management” category.

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