Applications to the SAHA MBA Program Have Started

field MBA applications for the leadership school of the defense industry have started
field MBA applications for the leadership school of the defense industry have started

SAHA Istanbul, in cooperation with TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE, started to register for the SAHA MBA Program, which was specially designed for managers and company owners of SAHA Istanbul member companies operating in the defense, aviation and space sectors.

In Turkey's most prestigious, sector-focused Executive MBA Program, which will open its doors on September 27, this year, future defense industry managers will be trained by providing 40 hours of training under 252 training titles. The quota of the program, which will include all the trainings that managers need, from mentoring to case studies and innovation culture, will be limited to 150 people.

SAHA Academy, which was established by SAHA Istanbul to determine the training needs of company managers and sector employees in the defense industry and to develop qualified manpower, opens the 2021-2022 training period with its new competencies in September. In the instructor staff of the third program, which was prepared by taking the curriculum of the world's most popular MBA programs as an example; executives of important companies in the sector, local and foreign scientists, senior bureaucrats and TÜBİTAK TÜSSIDE experts. He will participate in the 150rd SAHA MBA Executive Development Program, which will be held in centers in Istanbul, Ankara and Gaziantep, with a limited quota of 3 people in total. The candidates' CVs will be scored and the participants with the highest score will be accepted within the quota. The SAHA MBA program, in which the managers of the leading companies of the defense industry, senior bureaucrats, local and foreign scientists as educators, will start the new academic year on September 27.

The 2021-2022 education period was designed under four themes.

The course content in the 2021-2022 training program, which is prepared by taking into account the world standards and the needs of the companies operating in the sector; It was designed under four themes: “Manage the Institution, Develop the Business, Strengthen the Managerial Aspect, Innovation and Integrate with the R&D Culture”. Under the Manage Institution theme; Emphasizing strategy formation and corporate business management, all aspects will be covered in an enriched manner with applications, and issues specific to family businesses and corporate businesses will be discussed according to participant profiles through bridge trainings. In the defense industry ecosystem, trainings will be provided on factors for business development, with the theme of Develop Business, which will contribute to developing a business model, integrating market dynamics into the process, branding and implementing strategies and practices that will provide competitive advantage. While preparing the ground for managers to develop their own leadership approaches in the Strengthen the Managerial Aspect theme, the innovation climate and R&D and innovation management issues will be examined in all aspects in the Innovation and R&D Culture theme.

Added new competencies to the program

In addition to the SAHA MBA program, which is prepared with an outstanding 40-hour program under 252 training titles, this year; Added 30 hours of Business Management Simulation, 12 hours of Mentoring Program and 24 hours of Case Study competencies. With the Business Management Simulation, the participants; will have the chance to learn by experience and adapt the knowledge they have acquired to real life With the mentorship program, he will benefit from the experience and management experience of experienced business and distinguished scientists. By improving their decision-making skills through case studies, they will gain the ability to offer innovative solutions to problems in business life.

“We will prepare 150 more managers for the defense industry of the future”

Making statements about the new era of SAHA MBA, SAHA Istanbul Secretary General İlhami Keleş said, “With our SAHA MBA program, we want to train and develop managers who will take their organization and employees to the top with their knowledge and energy, inspired by our values. We will shape the defense industry of the future with our new competencies in the third term of our program, which we have implemented in order to ensure that our contributions to the National Technology Move will continue in the next generations. Our goal at SAHA MBA is not to train too many participants, but to be among the top 10 MBA programs worldwide by raising the quality of education to international standards. In order to achieve this, we have included trainings on different subjects from R&D to the development of an innovation culture with our program in which sector-leading company managers, senior bureaucrats, local and foreign scientists will train.”

“We focus on future needs”

Keleş stated that with the MBA program, they focused on the needs of the industry not only today but also in the future, “We offer solutions to the needs of the industry and managers by adding new themes and competencies to our program. With our themes and competencies, which we add new ones every period, we will support managers to guide them to increase the potential of their institutions, to keep their teams together around common goals, and to manage their businesses more effectively, as it is today. Our professors, who are also in the sector in the new education period, will convey the information that a manager will need, from economic development to digital transformation, from managerial skills to legal processes, with the finest details, with our curriculum that meets all the dynamics of the sector.

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