Two Awards to the Ministry of Health

two awards to the ministry of health
two awards to the ministry of health

The Ministry of Health was deemed worthy of two awards for the third time in a row at the 15th eTurkey (eTR) Awards ceremony organized by TÜSİAD and the Turkish Informatics Foundation. Hayat Eve Sığar (HES), the most important applications of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, received the "Best Practice Award from the Public to the Citizen", and the Filiation and Isolation Tracking System (FITAS) received the Enocta Special Award.

At the 15th eTurkey Awards ceremony held by TÜSİAD and the Turkish Informatics Foundation via teleconference, 6 awards and one special award under the title of public institutions and organizations and local governments were found.

Under the title of public institutions, in the category of "e-Services from Public to Citizen", the Ministry of Health added new awards to the previous awards it had received with the e-Pulse System and the Accessible Health Communication Center (ESİM).

Hayat Eve Sığar application, which was used as the most effective tool of safe social life during the pandemic period, received the “Best Application Award from the Public to the Citizens”, and was awarded the FİTAS Enocta Special Award, which was used by the filiation teams that took the most active role in the fight against the pandemic.

Attending the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Şuayip Birinci received the awards from Çağdaş Ergin, General Manager of Informatics Foundation, and Faruk Eczacıbaşı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Informatics Foundation.

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Şuayipİlk said, “Such an application developed in such a short time on behalf of our country is of great importance in terms of the technological level we have reached. As the Ministry of Health, we are proud of producing high-tech products locally and nationally on behalf of our country. I would like to receive these awards on behalf of our teammates who work with us in the kitchen, our filiation teams working in the field, and especially our healthcare workers who lost their lives while giving healing to our patients, in short, on behalf of the entire healthcare family, who have no purpose other than to heal our people regardless of the circumstances.”

Hayat Fits Home Application

After the first COVID-11 case was seen in Turkey on March 2020, 19, one of the methods of struggle implemented by the Ministry of Health was digital applications.

The Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application, which was launched on April 10, 2020, one month after the first case was seen, contributed to the awareness of citizens about COVID-19. With the application, citizens can observe the regions where the epidemic is intense with the risk density map, and can add their families or relatives to their lists in line with the approval of their relatives, thanks to the smart algorithms developed. You can also download the vaccination card from the app.

71 million HEPP codes were created by 73 million people from the Hayat Eve Sığar application, which has been downloaded 138 million times so far. The HEPP Code was questioned 5 billion 13 million times, and 151 thousand risky people using public transportation were identified during these inquiries. Through the application, 318 thousand people completed the evaluation questionnaire for the filiation team, 265 thousand people filled the family physician evaluation questionnaire and 900 thousand people filled the vaccination questionnaire.

Filiation and Insulation Tracking System

FİTAS was put into service on 18 April. Filiation teams scanned 81 provinces with mobile devices as soon as a case emerged and reached the case and its contacts and performed the filiation process with the FITAS application. While the spread was prevented with field studies, the treatment of people in the risk group could be started with early diagnosis. From the day the first case was announced in Turkey, an epidemic spread map was drawn with filiation studies.

While providing follow-up information such as intensive care, intubation and treatment of inpatients' daily follow-ups, antibody and PCR tests covering 153 thousand people were carried out with TURKSTAT for the purpose of drawing up the national immune map. Moreover, solutions were provided for isolation inspections with the integration of the Ministry of Interior through FİTAS.

Thanks to the comprehensive isolation measures offered by the system, each positive case infecting 2,6 people was prevented by isolating these people. To date, approximately 67 million filiation procedures have been performed with more than 23 thousand teams consisting of a total of 22 thousand people. While 114 million inspections were carried out with 32 thousand teams consisting of 33 thousand people, citizens were called 14 million times through the system. It is possible to turn around the world 8 times with the 203 million km distance covered by the filiation teams in their visits so far.

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