Appropriate: 'Railway Safety Comes Before Railroad Business'

proper railway safety precedes railway operation
proper railway safety precedes railway operation

TCDD General Manager Uygun continued his work on the Ankara Zonguldak line in the second phase of the On-site Solution, On-site Transformation program at the “Safety Culture and Awareness Meetings”

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun and TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ General Manager Hasan Pezük and the accompanying delegation made investigations in Irmak, Çankırı, Kurşunlu and Karabük. He met with TCDD personnel. TCDD Deputy General Manager Metin Akbaş and TCDD Technical General Manager Murat Gürel also participated in the safety culture and awareness program.

During the meetings held on the Safety Culture and Awareness train, 3 provinces, 4 districts and 8 stations were visited. 2nd Regional Manager Mehmet Rahmi Gül gave information about the 420 km of roads, stations and works that are responsible for the Mobile Meeting train. Ongoing and new projects were discussed.

Uygun, who met with the personnel at the stations, shared TCDD's target and developments with the employees.

In his speech, Uygun said, “We want you to know that railway safety comes before railway operation. An unsafe business cannot be done. From the General Manager of TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ to our friends working in the most remote corners, it is imperative that this awareness is acquired by this culture. The consequences of leaving this culture are painful. Our employee, our mechanic, our worker, our passenger is very important to us, they are our greatest value. Everyone will think of safety first in everything they do.” said.

Appropriate, “We are one. We are not separate. We are one as an institution, we are one as a country. The wheel cannot be separated from the rail, it is a whole. Every job we do will contribute to the development of our country. Working with a team spirit will give us a lot. We are TCDD all together,” he continued.

The Police and Training Train, which stopped by the Kurşunlu District during the program, was greeted by the Mayor Şakir Sayman. The treasurer thanked the General Managers Uygun and Pezük for their work. He wanted the continuation of the floors that TCDD made to the district. If the General Manager is suitable, “Be comfortable, TCDD brings both economic prosperity and peace wherever it goes. Our services will continue.” said. The President Treasurer presented the portraits of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, made on ceramic, to the General Manager Uygun.


The Police and Training Train was greeted by Mayor Rafet Vergili at Karabük station. General Managers Uygun, Pezük and the delegation had meetings with the Mayor about the district. President Vergili stated that they wanted to develop a joint project, “We exchanged views with TCDD to contribute to the development of Karabük.” said. The delegation and the Chairman agreed on the teams to work to develop vision projects.

Suit and Pezuk later met with the staff. They exchanged views on security and education issues.


The last stop of the Safety Culture and Awareness training train was Zonguldak. Zonguldak Station Manager Zikri Nacakçı welcomed the TCDD delegation. After making investigations at the station, General Managers Uygun and Pezuk met with the personnel. During the meeting, employees were informed about safety and TCDD projects.



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