Increasing Speed ​​Limits on Highways

Increasing speed limits on highways
Increasing speed limits on highways

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu attended the 2021-2030 Highway Traffic Safety Strategy Coordination Board Monitoring and Executive Board and Traffic Safety Specialized Groups Meeting.

Speaking here, Minister Soylu stated that while traffic accidents and subsequent deaths were 2015 thousand 7 in 530, this number decreased to 2020 thousand 4 in 866.

Stating that 2 people survived when these numbers are considered, Soylu said that despite the increase in the population, number of drivers and vehicles in Turkey, traffic accidents and deaths have decreased.

Stating that the world's population has increased by 2011 percent since the United Nations (UN) General Assembly set the goal of "2020 percent reduction in the loss of life in traffic accidents between 50 and 12", Soylu said that Turkey's population increased by 11,9 percent in this process, adding 5 million people in the country He said that foreigners who found him were not included.

Soylu stated that he thinks that speed limits can be stretched due to the increase in road and vehicle quality, and said:

“The most important cause of traffic accidents is speed, but not the old Turkey. Our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and our Highways are both very competent about our road standard and quality. Our speed management is 120, there is a 10 percent tolerance to it, 132 kilometers… We have the authority to increase it up to 20 kilometers for cars. In this regard, they are conducting a traffic study with Highways according to both roads and standards. A study is underway to take a step towards increasing some amount by starting from new highways. Of course, the average speed also constitutes an important understanding for itself.” (News Left)

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