Opel Launches New Mokka in Turkey

opel offers new mokka for sale in turkey
opel offers new mokka for sale in turkey

German automotive giant Opel launched the new Mokka with its highly efficient gasoline engine and 3 different hardware options. Standing out with its timeless bold design, innovative standard technologies and rich driving support systems, the new Mokka represents many firsts for the Opel brand.

The new Mokka draws attention as it is the first model to feature the Opel Visor, the future face of the brand, and a fully digital Pure Panel cockpit. Bringing together three different equipment options, Elegance, GS Line and Ultimate, with rich color and wheel options, the new Mokka also has a black hood option, a first in Turkey. The new Mokka, which can be preferred with a 130 HP 1.2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and AT8 automatic transmission combination, is offered for sale with prices starting from 365 thousand 900 TL. The highly anticipated 100% electric version of Mokka, Mokka-e, is getting ready to meet on the roads of Turkey in 2022.

Bringing superior German technology together with the most contemporary designs, Opel launched its first model, the new Mokka, in Turkey, in which the current design language has been fully implemented. Standing out with its timeless bold design, new technologies and rich driving support systems, the new Mokka represents many firsts for the Opel brand. The new Mokka draws attention as it is the first model to have the Opel Visor, the future face of the brand, and a fully digital Pure Panel cockpit. The new Mokka, which came to our country with a 130 HP 1.2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and AT8 automatic transmission combination; Elegance goes on sale with three different hardware options, GS Line and Ultimate. Complementing its innovative design with rich color and rim options, the new Mokka also has a black hood option, a first in Turkey. The new Mokka is offered for sale with prices starting from 365 thousand 900 TL.

“We aim for 15 percent of our total sales to come from Mokka”

Alpagut Girgin, General Manager of Opel Turkey, said, “The new Mokka is a car that has dimensions that can meet all the needs of the urban population, that can be a part of daily life and that contains the elements of compactness and comfort. New Mokka, which has been completely renewed with its design, also draws attention with its technological features. We expect the new Mokka, which shows that it is a complete urban Crossover with its dimensions, will make a great contribution to us in terms of high sales volumes. We aim for 15 percent of our total sales to come from the new Mokka in the near and future. In short, the new Mokka will have a strong role in our product range and will bring new customer bases to our brand. The SUV trio of the new Mokka, Crossland and Grandland will keep Opel in the top 5 in the SUV market. On the other hand, we also aim for Mokka and Crossland duo to lead us in the B-SUV category. We are also working on introducing our highly anticipated battery-electric models to the market next year. In this context, Mokka-e is a product that we plan to have in Turkey as of the second half of 2022.

Clear, simple and bold: the new Opel Visor

The second generation of the successful model offers a powerful and innovative look in every respect. Opel is reinventing the brand with the new Mokka. With a length of 4,15 meters, compact dimensions, living space for five and a luggage volume of 350 liters, the new Mokka clearly, clearly and boldly showcases what the new Opel models will look like during the 2020s. The brand describes this design concept as 'pure, precise and focused on the essentials'. The design of the new Mokka; It draws attention with its short front and rear overhangs, a muscular and wide stance, perfect body proportions and details. Like a full-length helmet, the Opel Visor completely covers the face of the new Opel, integrating the grille, headlights and the redesigned Opel Şimşek logo in one element. The new Opel Şimşek logo, which will adorn all future models of the German automaker, takes its place on the Opel Visor with thinner rings and a more elegant stance. Complete with LED headlights or the new generation IntelliLux LED® matrix headlights, which are unique in this class, the Opel Visor reveals that it will continue to be the distinguishing feature of all Opel models throughout the 2020s, with the idea of ​​combining advanced technologies.

The new face of the brand adopts the Opel Design Compass approach. In this design approach, the two axes intersect with Opel Şimşek in the middle, thus bringing the brand logo to the fore. While the lines on the hood, which is one of the characteristic design elements of the latest Opel vehicles, are applied sharper and more clearly, they combine with Şimşek to determine a vertical axis. The wing-shaped LED daytime running lights, which will also be used in all future Opel models, define the horizontal axis. The same theme repeats in the rear view, bringing the Opel Design Compass approach to the car as a whole. The Şimşek logo in the middle creates integrity with the model name positioned in the middle. This positioning links the horizontal line of the wing-shaped taillights with the vertical line from the roof antenna to the accent curve in the bumper.

Driver-focused “Opel Pure Panel Cockpit” debuts in the new Mokka

The simple, clear, basic philosophy is also seen in the interior of the new generation Mokka. For the first time, the driver is introduced to the Opel Pure Panel cockpit, which is both fully digital and focused, in an Opel model. Consisting of two large screens, Pure Panel makes many buttons and controls unnecessary due to its architecture. The system offers the most up-to-date digital technologies, while the few buttons and controls strike the right balance between digitization and purely intuitive operation, without the need for submenus. The Pure Panel cockpit in the new Mokka also showcases how Opel uses innovative technologies to make customers' lives easier. Different multimedia options are offered in the new Mokka, including Multimedia Radio with a 7-inch color touchscreen and a high-end Multimedia Navi Pro with a 10-inch color touchscreen. The screens are integrated with the new Opel Pure Panel and are positioned to face the driver. This provides a digital instrument cluster that extends up to 12 inches.

New generation 130 HP gasoline engine offers high efficiency and performance

The new Mokka is built on a high-efficiency multi-energy platform CMP (Common Modular Platform). This system allows the production of battery-electric power-transmission systems as well as internal combustion engines. In our country, the model is offered for sale with a 130-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 230 HP and a maximum torque of 1.2 Nm. The 130 HP engine completes 0-100 km/h acceleration in 9,2 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 200 km/h. According to the NEDC norm, it consumes an average of 100 liters of fuel per 4,9 kilometers and reaches a CO111 emission value of 2 g/km. The new generation gasoline engine also offers a smooth and comfortable ride in daily use with the light structure of the vehicle. This engine is accompanied by the AT8 automatic transmission with adaptive shift programs and Quickshift technology. The driver can also change gears manually with the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.

Standardizing new technology

Opel continues its tradition of bringing many innovative technologies from higher vehicle classes to the masses in the new Mokka. The new Mokka is equipped with 16 new generation driving assistance systems that increase driving safety and driving comfort. Many of these systems are standard on the new Mokka. Among the technologies offered as standard; There are active emergency braking system with pedestrian detection, front collision warning, active lane tracking system, 180-degree panoramic rear view camera and traffic sign detection system. Many additional features such as adaptive cruise control with stop-start feature, advanced active lane tracking system with lane centering feature, blind spot warning system, and advanced parking pilot are offered to drivers in the new Mokka.

The joy of connected driving is in the new Mokka

Bringing innovative technologies to the B-SUV segment, the new Mokka is equipped with numerous comfort elements such as automatic air conditioning, keyless entry and start system, rain and headlight sensors. In addition, all versions come with an electric handbrake as standard. Intelligent lighting modes consisting of a total of 14 separate LED modules and the blinding IntelliLux LED® matrix headlights also make the new Mokka unique in its class. In the new Mokka, the driver and passengers also enjoy connected driving thanks to various multimedia solutions. Different options, such as Multimedia Radio with 7-inch color touchscreen or high-end Multimedia Navi Pro with 10-inch color touchscreen, meet all the needs of drivers. Integrating with Opel's new Pure Panel, the screens are positioned facing the driver. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible multimedia systems make life easier with the voice command feature.

The sportiest version of the new Mokka, the GS Line

The new Mokka is offered for sale in our country with three different hardware options: Elegance, GS Line and Ultimate. Opel offers a sportier version of the Mokka for the first time with the GS Line trim level. In this version, tri-color black 18-inch light-alloy wheels, black roof, black side mirrors and front and rear bumper trims in SUV design bring a sporty look. The Opel Şimşek logo, the Mokka name and the Opel Visor frame are applied in glossy black. The characteristic red over-door decor creates a strong contrast. The interior stands out with a black roof, aluminum pedals and red trim. The black seats with premium leather-looking side bolsters complete the design with red stitching and details. In all versions of the new Mokka, drivers can also choose different driving modes that adjust throttle and steering response. With the eight-speed automatic transmission, three different driving modes are offered: Sport, Eco and Normal.

6 different colors, 3 roof colors and the first black hood option in Turkey

Providing rich personalization options for drivers, the new Mokka has 6 different color options, a double color roof and a black hood option, which is a first in Turkey. Drivers can choose Alpine White, Quartz Grey, Diamond Black, Matcha Green, Mystic Blue and Rubin Red among the rich color options of the new Mokka. While the optional double color roof (black, white and red) can be selected in Elegance equipment, the 'Bold Pack', ie black hood option, in Ultimate equipment adds a completely different atmosphere to the new Mokka. The new Mokka reflects its dynamism to its specially designed wheels. While the new Mokkas equipped with elegance come with 17 inch alloy double spoke diamond cut wheels; The GS Line equipment comes with 18-inch alloy double-spoke tri-colour diamond-cut wheels, while the Ultimate equipment comes with 18-inch alloy double-spoke diamond-cut wheels.

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