Nostalgic Bergama Ferry Ready for Gulf Tours

nostalgic bergama ferry is ready for gulf tours
nostalgic bergama ferry is ready for gulf tours

Bergama Ferry, one of the historical symbols of sea transportation in Izmir, returned to the Gulf after maintenance and repair works. The nostalgic ferry will host the special celebrations and corporate events of the institutions and organizations that want it.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ A.Ş. The nostalgic Bergama Ferry was made ready to go on a voyage to welcome its guests after the maintenance and repair works were completed. The Bergama Ferry, which carried millions of Izmir residents between the two sides of the Gulf for many years, has been serving in a different area for a while.

Ümit Yılmaz, General Manager of İZDENİZ, stated that the Bergama Ferry, which can host 368 people sitting and standing, will be rented to the institutions and organizations that want it; He said that he will host special celebrations, trips and corporate company organizations with or without meals. Stating that the experienced staff of İZDENİZ will accompany the tours, Yılmaz said, “Our ferry will make special tours in İzmir Bay, accompanied by unique city views. The departure and arrival point will be Üçkuyular Pier. It can be rented by the hour.

Contact for rental

The Bergama Ferry, 44,4 meters long and 8,08 meters wide, was manufactured in 1951 in Bremen, Germany. For rental information, or call 0232 320 00 35.

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