N Kolay Istanbul Marathon Starts With Ideathon Excitement

n easy istanbul marathon starts with the excitement of ideathon
n easy istanbul marathon starts with the excitement of ideathon

The excitement of the 7rd Istanbul Marathon, which will be held on November 2021, 43, starts early this year. With the N Kolay Istanbul Idea Marathon to be held on 9-10-11 July 2021, the proposals of young people that will make this important sports organization unique will compete. Young people who will compete in teams during the 2-day idea camp will also be able to receive mentoring support and training.

The Istanbul Marathon, which is the only marathon run between two continents in the world, organized by Spor Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and with the name sponsorship of the new generation digital bank N Kolay, broke new ground this year with the "N Kolay Istanbul Idea Marathon". embraces ideas. With this Ideathon, innovative suggestions of young people will be evaluated in order to provide a unique experience to professional and amateur athletes in the organization where both domestic and international athletes show great interest. Young people who will participate in the N Kolay Istanbul Idea Marathon to be held between 9-10-11 July 2021 will have the chance to take part in the creative team of ideas that will turn the N Kolay Istanbul Marathon into an unforgettable organization.

N Kolay Idea Marathon, organized and facilitated by Stage-Co; will be held online. Participants will be able to receive mentoring support and trainings while developing their creative suggestions through teamwork for 2 days. The teams will make their presentations before the jury at the end of the camp.

Prize of 10 thousand TL for the first place

In the N Kolay Istanbul Idea Marathon, it is expected that cultural and technology-based ideas will be developed that will make the marathon experience colorful and unforgettable for all local and foreign participants, increase the number of participants, and can be applied for many years. Participants must be over the age of 18 and compete with teams of at least 3 and at most 6 people. In the N Kolay Istanbul Idea Marathon, the first team will be awarded 10 thousand TL, the second team 7 thousand TL, and the third place 5 thousand TL. In addition, all participating teams will be offered free participation in the N Kolay Istanbul Marathon, at any distance, and a gift package. Pre-applications for the N Kolay Idea Marathon will be open until 4:24 on Sunday, July 00th.

Sage: We welcome the bright ideas of young people.

Expressing their excitement about both N Kolay 43rd Istanbul Marathon and N Kolay Istanbul Idea Marathon, Aktif Bank General Manager Ayşegül Adaca said, “We are determined to raise the bar for the Istanbul Marathon, of which we are the title sponsor, with our digital bank N Kolay. As a giant financial technologies ecosystem, we are innovating in the marathon with the awareness of how important the ideas of young people are. With the N Kolay Istanbul Idea Marathon, we will listen to the creative ideas of young people and put into practice the ideas chosen by the jury. We believe that we can make the marathon much better and create an unforgettable experience for the participants, especially with innovative suggestions based on technology and culture. Our vision is to carry this business to a point that will make a worldwide impact, and we will continue to work with all our strength for this. We will be happy to support our youth with the competition we organize to see their unique perspectives.”

Renay Onur, General Manager of Spor Istanbul: “We care not only about performance but also experience.”

“As İBB Spor İstanbul, our aim is to bring İstanbul and its residents to a more active life. Today, we have to design fun, innovative and experience-oriented events in order to mobilize the masses and make it permanent. The Istanbul Marathon and the Istanbul Half Marathon are the biggest and most important ones among the more than 50 national-international events we organize throughout the year. I believe that our partnership with N Kolay, which has an innovative, experience-oriented perspective and specialized in technology, which started with the title sponsorship last year, will take these 2 events, which are very important for Istanbul and even Turkey, to another dimension.

Mass sports participants, unlike elite athletes, run for experience and personal growth rather than success and performance. This reason has become our main goal in order to spread the values ​​of sports to the whole city. For this reason, we want to beautify the running experiences that sports lovers want to be involved in, develop these experiences with innovative alternatives independent of time and place, and thus position ourselves as the iconic event of both the city and the country.

IMM President Mr. Ekrem İmamoğluThis work, which also overlaps with the creative city vision of 's creative city, will be a unique experience for us to witness the birth of ideas that will enable future generations to discover themselves and Istanbul through sports-oriented experiences. We believe that it will support us in this goal.

We are excited about the 'N Kolay Istanbul Idea Marathon'…” Onur expressed his thoughts on this new platform where N Kolay Istanbul Marathon will open.

N Kolay Istanbul Marathon

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