Motul, Official Sponsor of Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand at the Nürburgring 24 Hours

motul toyota gazoo racing team thailand official sponsor of the nurburgring watch
motul toyota gazoo racing team thailand official sponsor of the nurburgring watch

Toyota Gazoo Racing team is battling bad weather in Thailand. To win the ADAC Total 24 Hours of Nurburgring 2021, the team teamed up with the Toyota Corolla Altis GR Sport No. 3 and No. He chose Motul oils to power the 119. in the first-class racing event. They're also reinforcing Toyota's commitment to "Push the Limit" by defending the title and inheriting Japanese auto legend.

The Thai Toyota Gazoo Racing team, which participated in the first 2014-hour marathon in 24, reached the top of SP 7 in a short time in just 3 years, they have been using Motul oils since they took the field. Noting the ability of team director Mr. Suthipong Samitchat to improve the performance and reliability of Motul products, he said: “We use Motul oils in our engines. It's the lubricant of choice for both cars throughout the competition here."

Both cars placed 1st and 2nd in the same classification. He also proved Motul's strength by winning the team's first victory in the 2020th ADAC 48 Hours in 24, and in 2021 Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand entered the competition again. Definitely with the confidence to succeed again. what is the condition of this competition They had to face both heavy rain and heavy fog. A racer requires full concentration and preparation. where all the Asian racers line up to face the challenge A distance of 25.4 kilometers with a car powered by Motul oil is fraught with danger.

After 6 hours, the race was interrupted due to heavy rain. and low visibility caused multiple collisions. After a break of 14 hours, which was the longest stop in Nürburgring history, race number 120 continued from the 1st place and maintained this advantage until the end of the race. Car number 119 followed the podium in 3rd place, allowing the Thai team to successfully win the SP 3 class, achieving the goal of this year's race. It was also Motul's success in consistently demonstrating the superior performance of oils required for their victory.

This achievement demonstrates the excellent synergy between Motul oils and Toyota engines for maximum power. While keeping the engine in perfect condition, Motul constantly strives to improve the performance of its products, even under tough competitive conditions. for use in worldwide competitions

In addition, Suthipong Samitchat, team director, also received the “Ambassador of the Year” award honoring outstanding achievements. and ADAC announced the Total 24 Hours Nürburgring to the whole world. This award also helps build a reputation among Motul-sponsored teams in Asia.

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