204 Trams Will Be Purchased for Moscow

trams will be bought for moscow
trams will be bought for moscow

He reported that by the end of 2022 he will receive 204 new trams in Moscow. 90 single-section trams will be produced by Sinara Transport Machines holding. The new low-floor trams will have a climate control system and air curtains, as well as multimedia screens with useful information. Passengers will be able to use the USB and TYPE-C ports to charge their devices.

The energy storage system will enable the tram to operate autonomously for at least 1 km and ensure that it is constantly moving in case of voltage fluctuations in the network. A special lubrication system in the bogies will reduce noise when cornering.

“The tram is one of the favorite modes of transport for Muscovites and we plan to develop it further. In the next two years, a new type of 90 tram will arrive in Moscow. They have a different design, but made in the style of Moscow transport. “Single-section and low-floor – suitable for elderly passengers and the disabled,” said Moscow Deputy Mayor Maxim Liksutov.

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