Metrobus Exterior Areas to be Leased for Advertising

metrobus exterior areas will be rented for advertising
metrobus exterior areas will be rented for advertising

📩 12/04/2023 08:02

The exterior cladding areas of a total of 650 vehicles, including 100 solo buses and 750 metrobuses, will be rented as advertising space by the General Directorate of IETT Operations.

Press Ad Agency announcement portal isAccording to the advertisement in Bidders are required to submit a reference letter or contract indicating that they have been working in the field of bus advertising covering for at least 5 years in the Public or Private sector, together with their bids.

Place where the tender letters related to the tender will be submitted: It will be delivered to the address where the tender specifications can be purchased until 16:06 on Wednesday, 2021/11/00.

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