Mersin Metropolitan Opens New Bus Lines, Relieves Transportation

mersin buyuksehir new bus lines are opening, relieving transportation
Mersin Metropolitan Opens New Bus Lines, Relieves Transportation

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality relieves both city traffic and passengers with its innovative services in transportation. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has reduced the burden of transportation with the Yellow Lemons it has recently added to its public transportation fleet, will provide access to points where there was no bus access before, with 7 new lines opened to routes with high passenger demand. Thanks to the newly opened 7 lines and the revised 3 lines, the passenger density will decrease, and the passengers will be able to reach the point without transferring to the point.

Opened new lines will relieve both transportation and passengers  

Thanks to 7 new lines opened to routes with high passenger demand, efficiency will be increased on the University, City Hospital, MEŞOT, Soli, Mezitli, Tece, Kuyuluk routes, and direct transportation service will be provided for passengers who have transferred on some routes before.

22 M – Machinery Supply – Bazaar – University line: Passenger demands will be met and the efficiency of other lines will be maintained with the route of the Old Bus Station-Toros State Hospital-Train Station-Stone Building-Tulumba Sunk-Out-Forum AVM-Immigration-Yenişehir Campus-University Street-Mersin University.

23 M – University – Çavuşlu – City Hospital line: It was opened due to the high passenger density on the route of the City Hospital and Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard. The new line opened will carry passengers on the route of City Hospital-MEŞOT-Çavuşlu-Osmaniye-Toroslar Municipality-Highways-Mersin Drivers' Chamber-Çetinkaya-Tulumba Battı Output-Forum Mall-Göçmen-Yenişehir Campus-University Street-Mersin University.

24 M – City Hospital – Çağdaşkent-Soli line: Starting from the City Hospital, it will end in Halkkent-Yalinayak-Akbelen Cemetery-Deed Office-Forum Yaşam Hospital-Sayapark-Yenişehir Campus-Mezitli Police Station-Soli-Zeytinli Garden. Thanks to this line The density on the 28 M line will decrease.

25 M – MEŞOT – Çavuşlu – Tece line: It will serve between MEŞOT-Çavuşlu-Osmaniye-Toroslar Municipality-Mersin Drivers' Chamber-Çetinkaya-Forum AVM-Göçmen-Yenişehir Campus-Mezitli Police Station-Soli-Davultepe-Tece-Tece Campus. Thanks to this line, the density of lines 26 and 77 will decrease.

37 M – MEŞOT – University – Well line: Starting from MEŞOT, it will end in Kuyuluk after the City Hospital - Akbelen Cemetery - Medical Faculty - Farm - University Street - Mezitli Police Station route. With this line, a bus service that was not previously provided to the University, City Hospital and MEŞOT from the Kuyuluk region will be offered. Thanks to this line, passengers will be able to provide direct transportation without transferring.

38 M – Machinery Supply – 2nd Ring Road – Well line: Starting from the old bus station, Toros State Hospital-Train Station-Stone Building-Tulumba Sunk Output-Forum Yaşam Hospital-Mersin Governorate-Sayapark-Mezitli Industry-Mezitli Stream-Kuyuluk. Thanks to this line, transportation service will be provided from the neighborhoods on the 2nd Ring Road to the Bazaar, Taş Building and Train Station.

50 M – Machinery Supply – Mezitli – Soli line: It will be at the service of passengers between the Old Bus Station-Toros State Hospital-Train Station-Stone Building-Tulumba Sunk-Forum AVM - Göçmen - Yenişehir Campus - Mezitli Police Station - Soli - Zeytinli Cadde. Thanks to this line, the passenger density of the Mezitli-Çarşı route, which has a very high passenger density, will be reduced.

Revised lines

19 M – Yeşilçimen – Liberty – Zeytinkent line: The said line was revised and extended to the University in the west. Direct transportation to the University Hospital was provided by preventing the people living in the Zeytinkent region from transferring. The renewed route of the line; Yeşilçimen – Freedom – Old Bus Station – Toros State Hospital. - Train Station - Stone Building - Tulumba Sunk Output - Forum AVM - Forum Yaşam Hospital - 20th Street - Elderly Care Center - Macit Özcan Sports Complex - Zeytinkent - Girls' Dormitory - Faculty of Medicine.

69 M – Yeşilçimen – Freedom – Amatem line: This line was also renewed. With this line, the people of Yeşilçimen were able to reach the University Hospital. The renewed route of the line; Yeşilçimen - Freedom - New State - Akbelen Cemetery - Land Registry Office - Forum Life Hospital - Mersin Governorship - Sayapark - University Street - Faculty of Medicine - Amatem.

Line on the route 76 M – Soli – City Hospital: City Hospital - MEŞOT - Akbelen Cemetery - Cem House - 2,5 Ring Road - Girls' Dormitory - Faculty of Medicine - University Street - Viranşehir - İçel Anatolian High School - Soli - Fatih Street. With the revision made, the line was enabled to pass through Istemihan Talay Boulevard instead of the 3rd Ring Road. Thus, the transportation of the population living in Menteş District to the City Hospital was provided.

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