Manavgat Free Public Beach and Recreation Area Opened to Service

manavgat free public beach and recreation area opened for service
manavgat free public beach and recreation area opened for service

The free public beach and recreation area, which was established by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Manavgat district of Antalya and where efforts were made to protect the caretta carettas, was put into service.

The beach in Ulualan with a length of 700 meters and a total area of ​​​​43 thousand 607 square meters with a capacity of 5 thousand sunbeds was put into service of the public with a ceremony.

Nadir Alpaslan, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, said that they had a very successful season in 2019 as a sector that has grown rapidly in tourism, set an example and competes fiercely to be among the top five in the world.

Reminding that they aim to host 2023 million tourists in Antalya and 20 million tourists in Turkey for 75 and to generate 65 billion dollars in revenue, Alpaslan said, “We were advancing with firm steps towards our goals. There was no problem ahead. We have very superior features compared to rival countries, we have archaeological values, culture, nature, things that cannot be copied. However, the epidemic that emerged in China in 2019 and affected the whole world also affected us. We are fighting the virus scourge as the whole world. Hopefully, we will drop it from our agenda this year with the vaccination efforts and we will take firm steps towards our goals again.” he said.

Alpaslan stated that tourism affects 52 sectors with high added value, from agriculture to furniture.

“We Are Carrying Out Significant Studies for Tourism Mobility Again”

Referring to the fact that they are struggling with the epidemic, Alpaslan said: “We had very difficult days in terms of tourism in Antalya and Turkey, together with the epidemic. As the Ministry and the country, we are doing important work to ensure the flight traffic from countries to our country and to have tourism mobility again. Hopefully, before this month is completed, we hope to reach the fruitful days we expect in tourism again by opening flight traffic, especially to Russia, there are signs for this. As the Ministry, we offer free public beaches to ensure that people who come to Turkey on holiday, especially the people of the region, can easily swim in the sea and benefit from the holiday in a process where tourism has developed so much.”

Stating that they also give importance to the environment in tourism, Alpaslan explained that they have provided facilities that protect natural life and comply with the principles of sustainability, and that they provide service in the setting of a five-star facility.

“Collaboration for the Protection of Sea Turtles Before Establishment of the Facility”

Ecological Research Association Chairman of the Board Dr. Ali Fuat Canbolat also noted that cooperation was made for the protection of sea turtles before the facility was established.

Stating that the sun loungers and umbrellas were established in a way to protect the environment and living things, Canbolat said, “Our Ministry of Culture and Tourism has done an important work to protect and support sea creatures, the environment, especially the caretta caretta. It was an important step for joint work as local governments, university, state and association.” he said.

After the speeches, the “blue flag” of the facility, which was opened, was delivered to Alpaslan. Alpaslan, Governor Ersin Yazıcı and members of the protocol opened the beach and toured the area.

Günceleme: 04/06/2021 14:54

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