Technology that Transforms Logistics and Warehouse Operations into Smart 'Wipelot'

Wipelot, the technology that makes logistics and warehouse operations smart
Wipelot, the technology that makes logistics and warehouse operations smart

Wipelot, the leading technology company producing in the field of industrial IoT in Turkey, contributes to increased productivity and turnover by digitizing business processes in warehouse and logistics with real-time monitoring technologies. Allowing full control in logistics activities, Wipelot keeps everything under control in warehouses. Wipelot, which stands out with its industrial IoT solutions in many sectors such as mining, construction, industry, aviation, cement, maritime, energy, food, metal, automotive, health and textile, produces 100 percent domestic products with its intensive R&D studies.

With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), great changes are taking place in the fields of transportation, logistics, stock and warehouse management. Wipelot, the leading player in the industrial IoT field, contributes to the increase in speed, efficiency and turnover in large warehouse management of enterprises serving in FMCG, e-commerce, automotive and durable consumer goods sectors, where domestic and foreign logistics activities are intense, with real-time monitoring technologies. Also Wipelot; offers industrial IoT systems suitable for the needs of many sectors such as mining, construction, industry, aviation, cement, maritime, energy, food, metal, automotive, health and textile.

Making the invisible visible in businesses

Wipelot, which has more than 16 years of experience in RTLS (Real Time Location System) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), produces 100% domestic products with its intensive R&D studies. Wipelot, which is among the biggest problems of many businesses; “Where are my equipment and work machines, how can I follow my motorized and non-motorized equipment indoors, where are my fixtures, how many fixtures do I have now and how many are in use, where is my staff, did they have an accident or a problem, is there a social distance violation, forklifts can hit my employees It makes it easy to find answers to questions such as, "What is the temperature, humidity, gas values ​​in my facility and can it pose a problem for my employees, how many man-hours are there in which part of my business, where are the forklifts traveling the most, what is my space utilization rate in the last year?"

Full control in logistics activities

Wipelot IoT systems make these operations very easy in areas where it is necessary to record truck and truck entrances or exits in businesses where logistics transportation activities are intense. Thanks to RFID readers placed at all entrances and exits of the business and RFID tags placed on trucks, it is possible to record vehicle entries and exits in computer environment. While Wipelot makes the recording of these transactions faster and more accurate than manually entered systems, it also offers full control with its security features. In this way, the entry and exit times of the trucks or trucks that are included in the system and that have RFID tags on them can be reported without any margin of error. These reports; It can also be taken in the form of daily, monthly or annual breakdowns. In addition to learning which vehicle has left the company and how long the transportation process takes, it also allows you to instantly get details such as what it is carrying, where the transportation is made, the driver of the vehicle, whether the vehicles are malfunctioning and maintenance times when integrated with the existing system.

Be in control of your warehouse with Wipelot

Wipelot IoT systems, which can automatically monitor the entrance and exit of products in warehouses in a very short time, ensure that large warehouses are managed smoothly and effectively. Wipelot, which reads the RFID-labeled pallets entering the warehouse with RFID readers placed at the entrances and exits and transfers the input data to the stock program, also transfers the amount of mass product output directly to the stock software at the exit of the pallets and reports how many products come out of the system. Thanks to this system, month, period or year-end stock counts are carried out in just a few hours.

How does the Wipelot IoT system work?

Wipelot logistics and warehouse solutions work as follows; First of all, the reader devices are placed according to the results of the field exploration to form the coverage area. People are identified by placing active RFID tags on motorized and non-motorized vehicles, equipment and other objects that are desired to be monitored instantly. Cases containing stock are also identified with active and/or passive RFID tags, according to needs. In hybrid systems where passive RFID tags are required, mobile hand terminals/passive RFID readers can be integrated into the system. The location, status and other information transmitted by the identified objects are monitored in real time on the Wipelot IoT platform. In addition, remote management, monitoring and reporting can be performed through the system installed on the cloud or company servers.

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