Safe Traffic Academic Artwork Project by LASID

lasidden safe traffic academic work project
lasidden safe traffic academic work project

Tire Manufacturers and Importers Association introduced the Safe Traffic Academic Work Project, which brings a new perspective to traffic safety, with the members of the LASID Board of Directors and academicians.

Every year, 1 million 350 thousand people die while driving, cycling or walking around the world. Nearly 50 million people live with severe injuries and disability. According to the reports of the World Health Organization, traffic accidents, which are expected to rise to the fifth place in the list of causes of death in 2030, in other words, cause approximately 3 deaths and 700 thousand injuries per day.

According to researches; If safe traffic is not provided and urgent measures are not taken, 6 million people will die in accidents in developing countries and at least 60 million will be disabled or injured in the next ten years.

A written resource to inspire

Tire Manufacturers and Importers Association LASID, which has been working to spread the awareness of "safe traffic" and "right tire" in the public since its establishment, has given a new perspective to this vital issue. kazanHe took a step with the goal of climbing. The industry association, which represents the leading manufacturers and importers of the Turkish tire industry, has implemented the Safe Traffic Academic Artwork Project, which has been worked on for more than a year. Haluk Kürkçü, Chairman of the Board of LASID, announced the project at the online launch meeting: "For the first time, such a comprehensive and well-attended academic perspective on traffic safety has come together, and a written and permanent reference source has been created. Our project includes the solution approaches of our academicians as well as diagnosing the problems,'' he said.

LASID Secretary General Erdal Kurt noted that 11 academic works selected by the Science Selection Committee within the scope of the project were published as a book, and these books will be shared with all relevant institutions as reference sources; Cevdet Alemdar, who undertook the management of the association in the previous period, said, "While we were researching how to take responsibility in this vital issue, we saw that there were not many written sources, the project was born with this idea. We wanted it to be a safe resource that everyone from pedestrians to drivers, from traffic regulators to practitioners, from legislators to supervisors, can refer to and benefit from,'' he said. Cevdet Alemdar, who took place as a guest speaker at the meeting, said, "I hope that the excitement we feel for the project will contribute to our common traffic culture and all stakeholders of the issue with the same enthusiasm and be an inspiration for the steps to be taken regarding traffic safety."

The academic advisor of the project, Boğaziçi University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Ilgın Gökaşar said: "Traffic safety is an issue that affects not only those working in the field of transportation, but also all segments of the society and should be given importance. As the relevant institutions and society take ownership of this project, as this step taken by LASID grows and grows, the awareness and culture of safe traffic will also develop; It will be possible to get quick results in preventing traffic accidents. Traffic safety is a dynamic subject that is changing very rapidly. It has many variables from the habits of the society, population growth, geographical and local characteristics, to technological developments. Solutions are produced, roads are built, but they are insufficient due to the dynamic nature of the problem. For this reason, the concept of "traffic monster" has been taken refuge in, however, instead of loading the error on the driver, it is necessary to eliminate road defects, to prioritize engineering measures, to benefit from technological developments, to update the laws according to the current problems and conditions, to remove the crime and punishment axis and to provide the right awareness. With its scientific approaches, this book will be a guide in this matter,'' he said.

What is in the LASID Safe Traffic Book?

LASID Safe Traffic book; a scientific take on the concept of 'traffic safety', which is often paired with 'driver error' in the public kazanIt is also important in terms of creating a comprehensive written source. The book, designed with relevant visuals and graphics, contains topics such as technological developments in Turkey and the world for safe traffic, the importance of improving our roads and solution suggestions for road problems, the legal regulations implemented in our country since 1950, various methods to ensure the safety of road users and the importance of awareness activities. consists of academic works. LASID Safe Traffic book here  accessible

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