KARDEMİR Steel North Africa Traveler

kardemir celigi north africa passenger
kardemir celigi north africa passenger

Kardemir, which has come to the fore with its export attacks in recent years, continues its foreign sales of iron and steel products. The company, which realized the first coil export in its history to the South American market in 2020 and the first rail export to Afghanistan in the past few days, finally expanded its export network further and entered the North African market with its coil product.

Continuing to work on its ever-increasing export network, Kardemir started coil sales and shipment to Tunisia. Focusing on the production of high value-added products, the factory; It strives to expand its market share to wider areas by expanding its export network day by day. For the first time in its history, the export of coils, which is delivered on the ship's deck by sea and as bulk cargo, has an important place in its foreign sales.

Due to the fact that the Tunisian shipment, which started from the Zonguldak Port, provides foreign currency inflow to Turkey and contributes to the national income, it has an important place in terms of the steel industry and economy of our country.

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