Karaismailoğlu Inspected the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Kanal Istanbul Bridge

canal istanbul bridge groundbreaking
canal istanbul bridge groundbreaking

Minister Karaismailoğlu made examinations in the area before the “Kanal Istanbul Bridge Groundbreaking Ceremony”, one of the most important projects of Turkey; made a press release.

Karaismailoğlu said, “Canal Istanbul is a project that will further strengthen the fact that our country is the most suitable route to be an alternative to Far East-Europe transportation. Kanal Istanbul, which we see as a strategic move that designs the future of our country and nation; By making Turkey a global logistics base, it will have a say both in its region and in the world trade and transportation routes," he said.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu examined the area before the "Canal Istanbul Bridge Groundbreaking Ceremony", which will take place on June 26 with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; made a press release. Karaismailoğlu, who made investigations in the area where the foundation of the first bridge to be built on the Sazlıdere Dam on the route of Kanal Istanbul, one of Turkey's most important projects, will be laid, said, “Istanbul Airport, Northern Marmara Highway, commercial ports, railway connections, logistics bases and one of the largest projects in the world. Channel Istanbul, which is the first, said, "It will connect the world to Turkey".

“Canal Istanbul is the right thing for our people, for Turkey.”

Stating that the Kanal Istanbul Project is a vision project that emerged in line with the technological and economic developments in the world and in Turkey, the changing economic trends and Turkey's increasing needs for transportation infrastructures, Minister Karaismailoğlu said:

"Turkey; It is a very powerful country that has taken steps with the aim of having a say in the global arena and is trying to transform the Black Sea into a Trade Lake. Our goal of making our country a global logistics center in our 2023, 2053 and 2071 goals will return work to our youth and food to our families. Kanal Istanbul plays a key role in achieving these goals, which are the fundamental dynamics of social and economic development. Kanal Istanbul is the right thing for our people, for Turkey. We have done the right things for our country so far, and we will do it again.”

“The number of ships passing through the Bosphorus in the 2050s will reach 78 thousand”

Reminding that the number of ships passing through the Bosphorus was 1930 thousand on average in the 3s, Minister Karaismailoğlu noted that this number is 43 thousand on average today. Emphasizing that in addition to the increase in ship transits, the carrying capacities of ships are increasing day by day, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “For reasons such as sharp turns in the Bosphorus, harsh currents and urban maritime traffic created by the urban ferries and ferries that carry 54 thousand passengers a day at 500 piers, the ships are not suitable for ships. The difficulty in navigation is also a reality. Unfortunately, 2 of our fishermen lost their lives when a cargo ship crashed into a fishing boat in the Bosphorus last week. The fact that this and similar accidents that cause loss of life does not occur and that Istanbul and Turkey are protected from all kinds of disasters show another important requirement of our Kanal Istanbul Project. Moreover, considering the developments in the world and in the countries of the region, it is predicted that the number of ships passing through in the 2050s will reach 78 thousand. This clearly shows how much there is a need for an alternative transit route in the Bosphorus.”

“The Kanal Istanbul Project will bring the Istanbul Valley to the fore at the crossroads of the world”

Stating that 204 scientists took part in the engineering work of the Kanal Istanbul Project, Minister Karaismailoğlu also pointed out that the project will fulfill an important task in highlighting the Istanbul Valley, which is at the crossroads of the world, and in establishing a logistics base, technology development and living center in Turkey.

Karaismailoğlu said, “Canal Istanbul, which will be built on the Küçükçekmece lake-Sazlıdere corridor, will be 45 kilometers long, 275 meters wide and 20,75 meters deep. Our bridge, which we will start to build, will provide the Sazlıdere crossing in the Başakşehir-Bahçeşehir-Hadımköy section of 45 kilometers, which is the last part of the Northern Marmara Highway, which is a giant work that we have brought to our country. The main span of our bridge is 440 meters long in the type of tensioned inclined suspension bridge, and its length is 210 meters with the side spans of 860 meters on the right and left. The inclined bridge deck is 46 meters wide. It will have 196 meters long reinforced concrete towers. Together with the approach viaducts, the total length of our bridge will be 1618 meters.

“It will bring Turkey to a leading position in the world economic corridors”

Considering the importance of the concept of time in world trade, Minister Karaismailoğlu stated that Turkey is extremely advantageous in terms of its location and concluded his speech as follows:

“We have largely solved Turkey's infrastructure problem that has been going on for years in the field of transportation and our country; We have transformed it into an international corridor in every mode of transportation between Asia, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Caucasus and the Northern Black Sea countries. Our Kanal Istanbul Project, which will increase Turkey's effectiveness in world trade and bring Turkey to a leading position in world economic corridors, will leave its mark on history in Turkey, which is located on the most important commercial corridors of the developing world. With Kanal Istanbul, Turkey's role in global maritime transport will be strengthened. Channel Istanbul, Turkey's vision project in every aspect from security to trade, from life to environment, will be put into service of our country as an alternative waterway in Marmara, the locomotive of the Eurasian region.

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