How Does Kanal Istanbul Affect Sea Saliva in Marmara?

how does the channel istanbul affect the sea saliva in marmara
how does the channel istanbul affect the sea saliva in marmara

The mucilage called “sea saliva” covered the water surface and depths of the Sea of ​​Marmara. So, how does Kanal Istanbul affect the sea saliva in Marmara?

The Sea of ​​Marmara is dying. The Sea of ​​Marmara is under the threat of mucilage called “sea saliva” that covers the water surface and its depths.

sea ​​saliva; It is gradually increasing its influence in Istanbul, Islands, Tekirdağ, Çınarcık, Bursa, Erdek, gulfs, coasts and the depths of the sea.

According to experts, "waste" caused the situation.

The Marmara Sea is also under the threat of the Kanal Istanbul project. Many academics warn that the Marmara Sea will face an organic load that it cannot handle if Kanal Istanbul comes into play.

Former TÜBİTAK vice president, marine scientist Cemal Saydam pointed out that Kanal Istanbul will not only trigger the mucilage problem, but will also be the death warrant of the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluof YouTube Answering the questions on his channel, Saydam said, "If Kanal Istanbul is made, we will continue with mucilage for life. There is no other explanation for this. Our knowledge says 'no'. There can be no stubbornness with science. because whose kazanit's obvious. We have resisted science, and we haven't had enough treatment plants built. mucilage kazanwas. If you made Kanal Istanbul, this would be it. This is what happened, if you build Kanal Istanbul on top of that, forget it, you have to pack your bags and go," he said.

Saydam, who said, “Don't throw away the hydrogen sulfide”, said:

“It smells like rotten eggs, it threatens human health, but it also destroys the industrialist's machine. Every factory that uses it as cooling water should look at their filters, their filters will be changed frequently, which will increase their costs. With Kanal Istanbul, not only the Marmara Sea, but also the Marmara Region will be lost.”

The Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers (ÇMO) also addressed the effects of Kanal Istanbul and Ergene River on the Marmara Sea, which are not referred to in the action plan prepared by the Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum in the 11-item action plan prepared to "prolong the depletion life" of the Marmara Sea. drew attention.

The statement took the following statements:

“Discharge from Ergene to Marmara Sea should be stopped immediately. The point where the wastewater collector system of the Ergene basin is released into the Marmara Sea should be investigated urgently, the deep sea discharge should be handled together with the pre-treatment and strictly controlled. At this stage, the rapid construction of biological treatment plants should be implemented and urgent work should be carried out by the ministries to stop the industrialization and population growth around the Marmara Sea.

Mega projects should be abandoned in Istanbul, which currently has a population much higher than the livable population. It is suicide to try to attract millions of people to a city that discharges its wastewater into the Marmara Sea without biologically treating it, with the Kanal Istanbul and Yenişehir Reserve areas.”

Source: Milligazete

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