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The chin area is one of the most important functionally functioning areas of the human body. While it is aesthetically important, it plays an active role in vital functions such as nutrition, speech and respiration. In order for the jaw structure to perform these functions in the best way, it must be in the correct structure. Sometimes congenital, sometimes accidental, etc. Due to these situations, there may be deterioration in the jaw structures later on. Here is the only solution in such cases. jaw surgery applications are made.

In jaw surgery applications, the sticky lower and upper jaw deformities are eliminated. Jaw surgeries are performed in order to eliminate congenital or acquired lower and upper jaw disorders and to work in harmony with each other.

Jaw surgery prices vary according to the size of the existing deformity. Pricing will be different as a result of the deformation experienced only in the lower or only the upper jaw, while the prices will be different in surgeries that need to be performed together for both the lower and upper jaws. For this prof. Dr. Kemal UĞURLU You can contact with After the preliminary inspection, you can get detailed information about what type and size of deformation there is and their pricing.

What is Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery It is the name given to the surgical applications that exist in adult constructions and ensure the harmonious positioning of the lower jaw and upper jaw. In some patients, the lower jaw and upper jaw do not fit together. Or the teeth do not fit together when the mouth is closed. In this case, erroneous unions in the jaw and tooth positions will cause discomfort both functionally and aesthetically. Orthognathic surgery comes into play for adults who have these problems.

In order for orthognathic surgery to be performed, chewing and speaking functions must be insufficient and facial aesthetics must be impaired. After this diagnosis is made with a preliminary examination, necessary planning is made and surgical procedures are applied.

prof. Dr. Kemal UĞURLU is one of the most effective and successful physicians in the field of maxillofacial and orthognathic surgery. You can contact him and request an appointment for a preliminary examination.

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