Istanbul Airport Spotter Area Entered Service

istanbul airport spotter area put into service
istanbul airport spotter area put into service

Istanbul Airport opened Turkey's first official 'Spotter Area' for those interested in aviation photography. The area that will allow aviation enthusiasts to come together to capture the right frame has been opened.

While "spotting", which is called aviation or aircraft photography, is practiced for hobby purposes all over the world, the number of spotting enthusiasts is increasing day by day. Aviation enthusiasts, who want to capture the right frame for the landing and take-off moments of the aircraft, show great interest in spotter areas.

By breaking new ground, Istanbul Airport opened the spotter area so that aviation enthusiasts can capture the best photo frames.

IGA, which opened Turkey's first official spotter area at Istanbul Airport, created a special opportunity for aviation enthusiasts who want to see the landing and take-off of planes up close.

The spotter area at Istanbul Airport is located at a dominant point that sees runway 1 and the Air Traffic Control Tower.

Those who want to see the planes up close and photograph the Air Traffic Control Tower You will be able to apply for the spotter area via the address. In the system where applications will be evaluated on a weekly basis, entrances to the area will be made with a temporary apron card. People who upload their Turkish Identity or Passport front face photos and fill in the HES code in the spotter form will be able to upload their passport photos and apply.

The spotter area will serve only on Saturdays between 08:00 and 17:30 in the first place. Transportation will be provided by İGA with vehicles departing from the Istanbul Airport P6 Turquoise parking lot free of charge.



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