İsbike Cycling School Comes to Life

isbike cycling school comes to life
isbike cycling school comes to life

ISPARK opens the "Isbike Bicycle School", which will teach thousands of people to use bicycles, on June 3, which is declared as "World Bicycle Day".

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) organization İSPARK, in order to encourage the use of environmentally friendly and healthy means of transportation, bicycles; On June 3, which was declared "World Bicycle Day" by the United Nations, it opens the "Isbike Bicycle School", which will teach thousands of people to use bicycles.

Come on Istanbulites to the Cycling School

IMM, which started a major breakthrough with the aim of using the bicycle to every point of the city and increasing its share in transportation, serves thousands of bicycle lovers every day in line with its vision of developing bicycle culture. In this direction, İSPARK's İsbike smart bikes are also the new means of transportation, while the number of users continues to increase day by day. While the bicycle transportation works continue in a feverish manner in Istanbul, the city is almost knitted with a bicycle network with the new roads opened for service. ISPARK will train thousands of people, from 7 to 70, with the slogan "Let's go to the Cycling School of Istanbulites" in order to spread the cycling culture.

Driving training for 10 thousand people

ISPARK has realized its sustainable social responsibility project by establishing the "Isbike Bicycle School", as the number of users increases day by day at the Isbike smart bicycle stations it serves and the bicycle has become widespread in transportation. ISPARK personnel, who were specially selected according to the criteria determined to take part in the bicycle school, were given theoretical and practical training by supporting the Isbike bicycle training by the "Chain Breaker Women", which was formed by women taking the initiative to train bicycle ambassadors. Cycling trainers of 25 people, who have successfully completed their training levels and received their certificates, will teach 3 thousand people to ride bicycles for 10 months.

Cycling training for 7 to 70 starts on 14 June

İSPARK trainers, who have completed their training and received their certificates, will teach children, young people and adults to use bicycles in a controlled, careful manner and in accordance with traffic rules at the "Isbike Bicycle School" driving track created in Yenikapı and Maltepe Orhangazi City Park. The first phase of the training, which will start on June 14, will include children aged 6 -12, youth aged 12-16 and adults aged 18-70 and will continue until September 26. Those who want to take bicycle riding training can apply at the website The training, which will be given completely free of charge, will take 4 hours for one person. After the hands-on training, certificates will be presented to the participants.

Murat Çakır: “Istanbul will be among the bicycle-friendly cities”

ISPARK General Manager Murat Çakır stated that İBB continues to open new bike lanes without slowing down with its infrastructure investments in order to popularize bicycle transportation, and said, “İBB continues its projects in harmony with the environmental texture in order to take Istanbul's place among bicycle friendly cities. As İSPARK, we contribute to this process with our İsbike smart bike sharing system. We established the “Isbike Cycling School” in Istanbul so that our citizens of all ages can use bicycles. We will support the more widespread use of environmentally friendly bicycles in transportation by training 10 thousand people by our expert team in bicycle training. We announced our project on June 3, World Bicycle Day. As of June 14, we invite all Istanbulites to pedal to a healthier future by using bicycles in a cleaner environment.”

ISPARK, with the "Isbike Bicycle School", which it has created to encourage the use of bicycles in urban transportation, offers people from all age groups; It aims to contribute to the acquisition of basic cycling skills and culture, the widespread use of environmentally friendly bicycles, and the reduction of traffic-related pollution.

Zero carbon emissions by cycling

Transportation vehicles are among the most important factors triggering the climate crisis. Thousands of kilograms of carbon emissions, which are emitted by motor vehicles and cause global warming, are among the most important causes of environmental pollution. Among public transportation and individual vehicles, the bicycle stands out as a means of transportation with its environmentally friendly and zero carbon emission. As a means of transportation in short distances, it is possible to travel in an environmentally friendly way with bicycles, whose number of users is increasing rapidly.

İsbike smart bikes, which İSPARK serves in Istanbul, become a model as a new means of transportation with 3 bicycles at 3 locations. With the shared bicycle system, which was developed as an alternative means of transportation against motor vehicles that cause environmental pollution and offered to the use of Istanbul residents, it is aimed to reduce the use of individual vehicles and to expand bicycle transportation, especially in short distances.

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