Investment in Belt and Road Countries Increased by 5 Percent in 13.8 Months

investment in belt road countries increased per cent per month
investment in belt road countries increased per cent per month

According to the data released by the Ministry of Commerce, between January and May this year, China's non-financial direct investment abroad was recorded as 280,62 billion yuan.

The value of newly signed project contracts in the countries along the Belt and Road is $46,49 billion and the completed turnover is $30,8 billion, with the value of the total contracts signed and 55,5 percent and 58,5 percent of the total turnover completed.

In terms of investment flow, foreign direct investment in the manufacturing industry increased by 11,8 percent year on year to 7,2 billion, and the flow to the information transmission industry was 3,51 billion dollars in the January-May period. In terms of the composition of domestic investors, non-financial direct investments of local enterprises amounted to $32,75 billion, accounting for 75,7 percent of total foreign investment in the same period.

From January to May, China's overseas contracted engineering projects focused on infrastructure, and the value of newly signed transportation, industrial construction and water conservancy construction projects increased rapidly. Among these, the contract value and completed turnover of newly signed transportation projects increased by 37 percent and 11,8 percent, respectively.

Source: China International Radio

Günceleme: 18/06/2021 12:23

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