Intercity Cup Races Are Breathtaking

intercity cup races were breathtaking
intercity cup races were breathtaking

The second leg of the 2021 Intercity Cup races held at Intercity Istanbul Park, one of the most prestigious race tracks in the world, has been completed. The races were organized in 2 different categories as Intercity Platinum Cup, Intercity Gold Cup and Intercity Silver Cup. While the dose of excitement did not stop for a moment in the races, where a total of 3 pilots fought fiercely, it was almost breath taking.

The 2nd leg of the Intercity Cup races, which offers this experience to everyone with a passion for racing, from those who have no experience in motor sports to professional racers, has been completed. The dose of excitement did not subside for a moment in 1 different single brand cup races held at Intercity Istanbul Park, one of the world's leading tracks, which hosted the Formula 3 organization last year.

Limits pushed at Intercity Platinum Cup

Legendary Caterham racing cars took their place on the track in the Intercity Platinum Cup, where 9 fast drivers with the highest level of driving ability competed against each other. In the first race of the event, in which there were 12 races out of 2 laps, Sinan Çiftçi was the pilot, while Selman Ulusoy took second place and Tevfik Nasuhioğlu took third place. In the 2nd races, where the competition continued at full speed, Sinan Çiftçi took the first place, Tevfik Nasuhioğlu came second and Bahattin Ayan came third.

At the Intercity Gold Cup, which is at the top step of amateur piloting, 24 pilots had their racing experience with Renault Megane vehicles to the fullest. Erdem Atlı won the first place in the race, which was organized as 8 laps. Halil Fatih Küçükyılmaz took the second place with the checkered flag, while Barkın Pınar took the third place.

Female racers also appeared in the Intercity Silver Cup

2021 pilots competed in the 24 Intercity Silver Cup, which was prepared for motorsport lovers who have never been on the track professionally and held with Renault Clio cars. Reha Aybey took the first place in the 8-round Intercity Silver Cup, which also includes the women's category. Murat Halil Özbaş took the second place and Burak Güler took the third place. In the women's category, Begüm Avdagiç was at the top, followed by Didem Fatinoğlu.

Father's Day is not forgotten

Since it was also Father's Day on Sunday, June 20, when the Intercity Cup organization was held, Aydonat Atasever & Sarp Atasever and Yadel Oskan & Berk Oskan duos who competed in the races as father and son were presented with a souvenir cup. Father-Son Commemorative Trophies were presented to the participants by Intercity Chairman of the Board of Directors Vural Ak.

In addition, the Gentleman's Cup was presented to Intercity Silver Cup Driver Sait Nezih Özevin for avoiding contact at the expense of his own position many times during the race.

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