First Signatures for Khorasan Ağrı Gürbulak Nakhchivan Iran Railway

The first signatures were signed for the Khorasan agri gurbulak nahcivan iran railway
The first signatures were signed for the Khorasan agri gurbulak nahcivan iran railway

After the 93-1877 Ottoman-Russian War, known in history as the 1878 War, Russia stayed in the Serhat Region for about 40 years and built various transportation lines in this region. One of them was the railway line that started from Khorasan and reached Gürbulak and remained idle after the withdrawal of the Russians from the region. SERKA took action to make this line operational again.

Serhat Development Agency will support the project “Planning the Highway Between Gürbulak and Dilucu Border Gates and Putting the Horasan-Gürbulak Old Railway into Operation” project, for which the Ağrı Special Provincial Administration has applied, within the scope of the Feasibility Support Program. The Dilucu border gate, which is Turkey's exit to Nakhchivan, and the Gürbulak border gate, which connects Ağrı to Iran, will no longer only affect the trade on the Silk Road, but will also increase the economic efficiency offered by the Aras Basin. At the end of the project, alternatives for the highway route between our two border gates will be explored with the revitalization of the old railway between Horasan - Gürbulak, the logistics lines in the north and south of the TRA2 Region will be combined, thus bringing a holistic economic approach to our region and offering production and foreign trade investment opportunities.

Serhat Development Agency General Secretary Dr. İbrahim Taşdemir and Ağrı Provincial Special Administration Secretary General Erhan Tenekeci started the project.

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