HİSAR-A+'s Outstanding Success: Further, Higher!

the superior success of the fort goes further and higher
the superior success of the fort goes further and higher

Air defense missile systems are “systems of systems” structures owned by very few countries and containing many critical technologies with a high level of complexity. Our country's knowledge and technology in the field of air defense is gained with HİSAR, our first domestic and national system in this field. HİSAR Projects are carried out under the leadership of the Presidency of Defense Industries. In HİSAR Projects, radars, electro-optical sensors acting as the eyes of the system, command control, communication, fire control systems, task computer acting as the brain of the system, system algorithms, missile seeker head and missile data link are developed nationally by ASELSAN, and the components are integrated together. performing its duties under the roof of an air defense system is also provided by ASELSAN in the projects. Proximity sensor, guidance unit, propulsion system, etc., which are missiles and missile subsystems. Developed by ROKETSAN. The high-efficiency warhead was developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE.

HİSAR Projects will carry out the air defense of mobile and fixed units and critical facilities in line with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces. In this way, today's modern threats such as warplanes, helicopters, cruise missiles, armed unmanned aerial vehicles and air-to-ground missiles will be neutralized with high performance.

HİSAR-A+ System deliveries have started as of the end of 2020, and Missile Launch Systems (FFS) and Missiles have entered the inventory. The command control and fire control functions of the Missile Launch System delivered are carried out by the Fire Management Device (AIC). A layered air defense structure is established by carrying out command and fire control together with Fire Management Device, Modernized Towed Cannons and Missile Launch Systems. The HİSAR-A+ Self-Propelled Autonomous Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System (KMOAİHSFS), which was successfully fired on May 03, 2021 with a warhead, is a new system capable of operating in difficult terrain conditions alone and will enter the inventory. Serious increases were made in the range and altitude of the missile and the system, and the target from the medium altitude was destroyed with a direct hit with the fire test.

HİSAR-A+ Self-Propelled Autonomous Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System (KMOAİHSFS); It is an air defense missile system that can perform target detection, diagnosis, tracking and missile firing functions fully autonomously. The carrier platform of the system is tracked and armored. In this way, the system; It acts in all terrain conditions together with armored mechanized units, and effectively meets the air defense needs of the deployed armored units with its fast deployment, short reaction time and rapid position change capabilities.

Within the scope of the fire test carried out on May 03, 2021, the target was detected and tracked with the radar on the system, engagement was initiated from the command and control system, a solution was found with the fire control system and the missile was fired automatically. Autonomous HİSAR-A+
With the data provided by the company, it has the ability to shoot vertically, but the missile intermediate stage guidance was performed, terminal guidance was performed with the missile seeker head and the target was destroyed by direct hit.

HİSAR-A+ Self-Propelled Autonomous Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System (KMOAİHSFS) features;

  • With Full Autonomous Mission Capability
  • Fixed and rotary wing aircraft,
  • cruise missiles,
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,
  • Effective defense against air-to-ground missiles
  • Detection tracking with 3D search radar
  • 4 vertical missile firing capability
  • Intermediate stage guidance control with data link
  • Ultimate terminal guidance with IIR Seeker
  • Ability to fire 4 missiles sequentially at 4 targets
  • Target assessment and target classification ability
  • Command and control capability in teams of 3
  • ballistic protection

Full Throw Missile features;

  • It is a surface-to-air, high-precision missile for point and area defense that needs to be protected with high priority.
  • Effectiveness against air-breathing targets (Airplane, Helicopter, UAV, Cruise Missile),
  • 360° protection (Vertical Shot),
  • High maneuverability, high sensitivity, protection against jamming measures, universal weapon interface compatible.
  • Infrared seeker head with image processing
  • Particle effect warhead
  • Crash sensor and RF proximity plug
  • Use on Land / Sea / Air platforms

In HİSAR Projects, important nationalization activities were carried out in order to overcome the embargo-related restrictions on some subsystems, and successful firing tests and verifications were completed. With the HİSAR Projects, our country has become one of the few countries that can develop the original integrated air defense system, with its radar, command and control system, fire control system, communication system, data link, missile, seeker and all its components, without outside help. With the completion of the production line qualification process and the final acceptance shot of the warhead, the HİSAR-A+ systems are ready for the mass production phase. With mass production, the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces will be met locally and nationally.

HİSAR Projects, which include many sub-systems, were developed under the leadership of SSB with over a hundred domestic subcontractors.

HİSAR Systems has an architecture that will allow the addition of the features required for future new needs with the most advanced technology.

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