Hydrogen Fueled Toyota Mirai Sets World Range Record

world range record from hydrogen fueled toyota mirai
world range record from hydrogen fueled toyota mirai

Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the new Mirai, has traveled more than 1000 kilometers with a single tank, furthering the world record in this field. The drive, which started from the HYSETCO hydrogen station in Orly, was completed by traveling 1003 kilometers with a single tank.

Consumption and range data of Mirai, which has completed 1003 kilometers with zero emissions on public roads, including the regions of Southern Paris, Loir-et-Cher and Indre-et-Loire, have also been approved by independent authorities. Thus; Underlining that hydrogen fuel cell technology is the leading solution for zero-emission driving over long distances, Toyota has once again demonstrated this claim with the new generation Mirai.

While using green hydrogen during the record attempt, Mirai's average fuel consumption, which can store 5.6 kg of hydrogen, was 0.55 kg/100 km. Mirai was recharged in just 1003 minutes after completing its 5 kilometer journey.

Toyota's second generation fuel cell vehicle Mirai offers higher performance as well as low consumption. The driving dynamics of the vehicle, which has a fluid and more dynamic design, have been moved further. However, the increased efficiency of the fuel cell offers a range of around 650 kilometers under normal driving conditions. The record range of 1003 kilometers was achieved with the "environmental driving" style of the drivers and without using any special techniques. After driving 1003 km, Mirai's trip computer still had an additional 9 km range.

Toyota continues to showcase the uses and advantages of hydrogen to create a hydrogen-based society on the road to zero emissions. Mirai, on the other hand, stands out with its increased range and easy filling, as well as its safe and comfortable driving in the field of zero-emission electric mobility.

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