Heritage in Istanbul with Bursa Museums

heritage in istanbul with bursa museums
heritage in istanbul with bursa museums

Museums affiliated to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which were visited by an average of 1 million people a year before the pandemic and moved to the virtual environment during the pandemic period, were showcased at Heritage Istanbul, one of the largest museum fairs in Europe.

Heritage Istanbul, the 5th International Conservation, Restoration, Archeology and Museum Technologies Fair, opened its doors to its visitors at the Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center. Organized by TG Expo for the 5th time this year, Heritage Istanbul, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums, the General Directorate of Foundations and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was attended by 36 companies, 131 of which were from abroad. Participants from five different countries, Belgium, Sweden and Nigeria, took part in the fair, where two country pavilions consisting of Italy and Austria were established. In addition to the fair, 26 sessions were held at the conference and 21 in the heritage section. sohbet and 8 workshops.

Museum Forum Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality also took part with its museums in the fair, which was organized with the motto of 'Provide a Future to the Past', with the aim of keeping Turkey's cultural richness and values ​​inherited from humanity alive, protecting them and transferring them to future generations in a healthy way. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Museums Branch, which opened a booth in Heritage Istanbul, which is described as the meeting point of the culture industry, introduced the museums of Bursa, which were visited by an average of 1 million people a year before the pandemic and moved to the virtual environment during the pandemic period, to local and foreign participants. While the visitors were informed about the museology activities carried out in Bursa, the events held and planned at the Bursa Museum stand, information was given about the "Museum Forum Bursa" symposium to be held on 17-18 November 2021.

“Virtual Museum Always Open”

The Museums Branch Office, which closely follows the developing technology, has moved its museums to the digital platform and opened it to its visitors in the virtual environment. SohbetIt was appreciated with its presentation of 'Virtual Museum Always Open' in the title of the Metropolitan Municipality Museums Branch Manager Nazım Enes Altan, Tuğba Gürkan Şenyavaş, Yeşim Özturhan, Nedim Buğral, Yasemin Eser and Sebla Kut, 'The use of the virtual museum as an educational environment, is the virtual museum experience a real museum experience? How valid and realistic are virtual museums as an educational environment? How can museums become suitable for the changing age as an educational environment? The “Virtual Museum Always Open” presentation, which was followed with interest by academicians, museum professionals and practitioners, added a different color to the fair.



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