Foods That Should Not Be Consumed During Pregnancy

foods to avoid during pregnancy
foods to avoid during pregnancy

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Meral Sönmezer gave important information about the subject. During pregnancy, the expectant mother should pay extra attention to her health, daily routine, especially her nutrition. Adequate and balanced nutrition is very important during pregnancy, as everything a mother-to-be consumes affects the health and development of the baby in her womb. In order to create a correct nutrition program, expectant mothers should know what they should consume as well as what they should not consume.

Undercooked Egg

Undercooked eggs are at the top of the list of foods that should not be consumed during pregnancy. A bacteria called salmonella can grow in eggs that have not been stored and waited under the right conditions. Consuming this egg as undercooked, soft-boiled or cooked to the consistency of apricot causes various intestinal infections and food poisoning. This can harm the mother and the baby. For this reason, it is recommended to cook the yolk and white of the egg until it becomes solid. In addition to undercooked eggs, foods such as mayonnaise, cream or ice cream made with raw eggs should not be consumed.

Raw or Undercooked Meat, Chicken and Seafood

Raw or undercooked meat products are foods that should be avoided during pregnancy as they can be a source of parasites and infections. Because undercooked or raw meat carries the risk of toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasma is a disease that can cause miscarriage in pregnant women or serious health problems in the baby. For this reason, it is very important to cook meat and chicken until there is no pinkness in order to get rid of this parasite. In addition, delicatessen products such as salami, sausage, sausage and pastrami contain additives, plenty of salt and oil, so it is recommended that you do not consume these foods. While it is very necessary to consume fish, which is a source of omega-3, in a balanced way during pregnancy, shellfish such as mussels, oysters and shrimp have high mercury value. Since the high mercury content can damage the developing baby's brain and nervous system and pose a risk of food poisoning, these seafood products should also be avoided. In addition, sushi should never be consumed during pregnancy.

Unpasteurized Milk and Dairy Products

It is very necessary to consume milk and milk products that provide calcium support for the health of the mother and the baby during pregnancy. However, it should be ensured that these milk and dairy products are pasteurized. Bacteria found in unpasteurized milk and cheese cause the risk of listeria infection. This can lead to food poisoning, serious health problems, or a risk of miscarriage. To protect yourself from harmful bacterial infections, you should consume pasteurized milk, and you should also make sure that dairy products such as cheese and yogurt you consume are made from pasteurized milk.

Foods Containing Sugar

Consumption of ready-made and packaged foods containing sugar such as cakes, cakes, cookies, biscuits, candies, sherbet desserts, pastries, chips, fast food should be limited during pregnancy. Such foods, which contain high amounts of sugar, can lead to rapid weight gain, as well as cause diabetes that can occur especially during pregnancy, that is, gestational diabetes. Instead of these, you can consume healthy alternatives that you can prepare yourself at home and healthy snacks such as hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, roasted chickpeas.

Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine intake should also be limited during pregnancy. Caffeine, found in flu medications, allergy medications, pain relievers, and some diet medications, has a powerful effect. Excessive caffeine consumption negatively affects the development of the baby. Therefore, it is important to consume caffeine-containing foods such as coffee, tea, cola and chocolate in doses.

Some Herbal Teas, Sodas, and Packaged Fruit Juices

Consideration should be given to the controlled consumption of herbal teas during pregnancy. Herbal teas that are consumed unconsciously cause great risks during pregnancy. Herbal teas such as sage, basil, ginseng, thyme, senna, and parsley can cause uterine contractions, increasing the risk of miscarriage and premature birth, or lead to birth anomalies. For this reason, you should consult your doctor before consuming herbal teas and you should not consume them without the approval and advice of your doctor. Acidic drinks and ready-made fruit juices are also drinks that should be avoided during pregnancy. It will be much healthier to prefer freshly squeezed, natural fruit juices during this period.

Canned and Prepared Foods

Canned and ready-to-eat foods are subjected to many processes to ensure a long shelf life. Pregnant women should stay away from these products due to the additives, high amount of fat, salt and sugar contained in such processed foods.

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