People's Grocery Is Now Just One Click Away: Online Sale Has Started!

People's Grocery is now just a click away online sale has started
People's Grocery is now just a click away online sale has started

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerHalkın Grocery, which was brought to life as an important pillar of 'Another Agriculture is Possible' vision, launched its online sales application. Stating that they have expanded the People's Grocery branches, which have more than 27 products from 300 different cooperatives, to eight branches throughout the city, Mayor Soyer said, “Thanks to online sales, cooperative products will be just one click away from our citizens all over Turkey.”

In the People's Grocery project, which was expanded by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in different parts of the city in order to deliver healthy, cheap and reliable food to the public, online sales have started across Turkey. Citizens, first opened in Kemeraltı, Konak Gültepe in a short time, Bayraklı Ozkanlar, Karşıyaka Reaching Erzene and Doğanlar neighborhoods in Girne, Menemen Ulukent, Buca Kasaplar Square and Bornova, the natural and healthy products in the People's Grocery Store can now be easily accessed via the website

27 products from 300 cooperatives

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, said that they will continue to work with all their strength to strengthen the bond between the producer and the consumer and to support the producer in the marketing of their product. Pointing out that the balance between the city and the countryside has deteriorated due to wrong agricultural policies, unemployment and poverty have increased, Soyer said:

“We moved the branches of People's Grocery Store, which contains 27 products from 300 producer cooperatives, to the internet. Our aim is to ensure that our small producers get paid for their labor and to bring the citizens of the city together with fair and clean food. As a matter of fact, the effects of the pandemic and the climate crisis reminded all humanity of the importance of agricultural production, that every sprouting seed grain, every basket transported from the village to the city, every fruit crate placed on the counter is the basic source of life. İzmir Agriculture policies, which we have implemented by saying 'Another Agriculture is Possible', draws the road map of growing our shrinking bread by supporting our farmers and production in these lands, which have not spared us abundance for thousands of years, and to cure increasing unemployment and poverty. İzmir Agriculture, which focuses on fighting against drought and poverty, offers important solutions against the increasing negative effects of the climate crisis and drought, as well as the poverty that has deepened with the pandemic. Thanks to our People's Grocery project and our İzmir Agriculture policies, we know that together with our producers, millions of our citizens, as well as our water, land and future, are winning.”

Product variety is increasing

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerPeople's Grocery, which is among the promises of 's election period, brings the products of producer cooperatives from all over Turkey, especially in Izmir, to the public without intermediaries. There are 300 different products from product groups such as fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products, various breakfast foods, legumes, olive oil, spices and cosmetics at the People's Grocery branches. The product variety is increasing day by day with the products procured from cooperatives across the country. During the pandemic and the earthquake that shook İzmir on October 30, the needs of the citizens, such as food, hygiene, food, white goods, and furniture, were met with donations made by benefactors through the People's Grocery website.

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