Hair Loss After Obesity Surgery May Be Experienced

Hair loss may occur after bariatric surgery
Hair loss may occur after bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery, which is an effective treatment method in the fight against obesity for overweight individuals with a body mass index over 40, is very curious especially in terms of post-operative processes. One of these curious subjects is whether hair loss occurs after stomach reduction surgeries. General Surgery Specialist Associate Professor Hasan Erdem gives detailed information by sharing his views on the subject.

“Hair loss after obesity surgery is a temporary condition”

Starting his speech by referring to the researches in this field, Assoc. Dr. Erdem said: “Research shows that after such surgeries that affect the whole body, the body enters an adaptation process. In this period when adaptation to a new lifestyle and healthy eating habits begins, other functions such as hair growth may remain in the background for a few months. Every day our hair falls out and grows. These surgeries do not actually accelerate hair loss. Only in this process, because hair growth is temporarily stopped, it may take time for new hair to grow in place of the lost hair. Hair loss after bariatric surgery is a temporary condition and is more common in the first 6 months after surgery. Then, after the body starts to complete the post-operative adaptation process, hair loss automatically decreases and stops.”

“The biggest reason for post-surgery hair loss is malnutrition”

Stating that the biggest reason for hair loss after obesity surgery is eating habits, Assoc. Dr. Erdem continues: “Our hair follicles have two phases: anagen, the growth phase and telogen, the resting phase. All of our hair starts in the anagen phase. They grow and go into the telogen stage before falling off. The telogen phase usually lasts 100-120 days. However, bariatric surgery may cause a greater percentage of your hair to slip into the telogen phase. The biggest reason for post-operative hair loss is nutritional activities. If we exempt the body from nutritional values ​​such as protein during the post-operative weight loss period, hair loss will be inevitable.

“After obesity surgery, hair loss is seen in the first 6 months and lasts for 3-4 months”

Noting that hair loss is seen in the first 6 months after stomach reduction surgery, Assoc. Dr. Erdem said, “It is seen in the first 6 months when the body enters the post-operative change process and takes about 3-4 months. Shedding hair grows back on the journey to reach the ideal weight. Since the hair follicles are not damaged in this process, the hair grows stronger than before.” used his statements.

“People can pay attention to their protein and vitamin intake and use Biotin”

Advice to people who have undergone obesity surgery and are considering it, Assoc. Dr. Erdem concludes his words as follows: “The periods of rapid weight loss after bariatric surgery are the first periods. Therefore, in this process, it is necessary to keep the body fit and nourish it with foods with high nutritional value. Nutrition programs in the postoperative period should be protein-based. Protein is essential for the creation of new cells, including the cells that make up your hair. Vitamin deficiency can also trigger hair loss during this period. It is very important in this process to take supplements of vitamins that are missing in your body in relation to your blood values. In addition, increasing fluid intake and having a good sleep pattern will help you get through this process with little loss. In order to minimize hair loss during the weight loss process, people can use products containing supplements known as Biotin. With all these suggestions, you can minimize the hair loss problem after stomach reduction surgery. Your hair shedding with these supplements will grow stronger in the next period.”



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