The New Sedan of French Luxury, DS9 on the Roads of Turkey in September

the new sedan of french luxury ds is on the roads of turkey in september
the new sedan of french luxury ds is on the roads of turkey in september

Aiming to adapt its French luxury know-how to the automotive industry, DS Automobiles is preparing to put the elegant sedan model DS 9 on sale in Turkey. DS 9, which will hit the roads of Turkey in September, brings a brand new breath to the large sedan segment with its features. The model, in which DS Automobiles-specific design details stand out, offers a unique wheelbase and draws attention with its eye-catching design, high-level comfort features in the interior and new generation technologies.


DS Automobiles' elegant sedan model, DS 9, which reflects the French luxury know-how to the automotive world, is getting ready to meet on the roads of Turkey in September. A distinctive big sedan with every detail, the DS 9 draws attention with its design reflecting the brand's character, interior features that offer a high level of comfort, and its technologies. While the front of the DS 9 maintains the current design language of DS Automobiles, the DS Sword on the engine hood is among the design features that stand out at first glance. Extraordinary design details such as Clous de Paris embroideries, DS Flashlights and hidden door handles on the exterior make it easier for the DS 9 to distinguish itself from its competitors. The sloping fastback-style roofline gives the DS 9 an extraordinary character. kazanThis design also adds an aerodynamic look to the model. DS 9 also offers a unique comfort area in the interior to both the driver and passengers with its dimensions. With a length of 4,93 meters, a width of 1,93 meters and a height of 1,46 meters, the DS 9 provides ample space for the rear passengers with its wheelbase of 2,9 meters, which is rare in its class. These dimensions of the model also allow for a more dynamic and elegant design.

Camera-assisted suspension system raises the bar in comfort

The eye-catching design outside of the DS 9 continues in the interior as well, with details and comfort items carefully thought out to the smallest detail. The Nappa Leather-covered center console and watchband-design seat upholstery, as well as the elegance of noble materials generously applied to the surfaces, underline the French luxury know-how and complement the attention to every detail. The front living area of ​​the DS 9 features crystal-mounted remote and touch controls, Alcantara® covering the headliner and sun visors. The door handles and the handcrafted leather-wrapped steering wheel also make the comfort palpable. Heated, cooled and massage seats in DS 9 are offered with an adjustable headrest, which is a first in its class. In the model, it combines the quiet comfort of a prestigious sedan with the dynamics of a Grand Touring Coupé and allows independent control of the movement of each wheel in unevenness of the ground. There are many high-end technologies such as DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION camera-assisted suspension system that provides semi-autonomous driving, DS DRIVE ASSIST that provides semi-autonomous driving, and DS PARK PILOT, automatic parking aid that can detect parking spaces.

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