Foods That Damage Teeth

foods that damage teeth
foods that damage teeth

Dr. Dt. Beril Karagenç gave important information about foods and drinks that harm oral and dental health.


Sugary foods are one of the riskiest food groups for teeth, as they increase the risk of caries. Especially today, packaged and sugary foods, which are very easily accessible, are the biggest danger. It should be taken into account that not only packaged forms, but also dried forms of natural fruits can have a negative effect on caries because they contain high sugar and are sticky.

Sticky Foods Like Bread, Crackers

It is a known fact that sugary foods are risky for oral and dental health. But contrary to popular belief, even if they are salty, foods such as bread, crackers and dry cakes turn into sugar in the mouth during digestion and can cause cavities. In addition, it would not be wrong to say that they pose an even greater risk as they are sticky and difficult to remove from the mouth. When such products stay on the tooth surface for a long time, they are a direct cause of caries, especially in children. If we do not have the opportunity to brush immediately, you should stay away from these foods or provide a little cleaning by rinsing with water or using mouthwashes.

Acidic / Sugary Drinks

Especially the juices of citrus fruits such as lemon and orange, acidic beverages such as cola and soda cause erosion in the tooth enamel. In addition, advanced wear causes sensitivity. Sensitivity to stimuli such as cold-hot, sour-sweet can be very disturbing. It affects people's daily comfort a lot.

Energy drinks are also among the products to be considered. Due to the high sugar content and pH values, care should be taken to cause cavities. Consuming such drinks in a limited way or drinking with a straw can be a safe solution so that they do not come into contact with the teeth.


Chips and similar snacks are generally considered risky foods because they do not dissolve in saliva and are sticky. These chips and their derivatives, which stick to the hard-to-clean recesses and protrusions between and on the teeth, create favorable environments for caries.

Shelled Foods such as Peanuts

Especially breaking the core with the front teeth and opening the peanut shell are habits that should definitely be avoided. It is recommended to consume these foods carefully and not to use the teeth while opening/breaking the shells of these foods, which cause fractures, abrasions or nicks in the front teeth when repeated repeatedly and in large numbers. It should never be forgotten that this bad habit will cause natural teeth, existing fillings and veneers to break.

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