Fenerbahçe Ferry Will Be Repaired and Returned to Rahmi M. Koç Museum

fenerbahce ferry will be repaired and returned to my womb m koc museum
fenerbahce ferry will be repaired and returned to my womb m koc museum

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu and Koç Holding Honorary Chairman Rahmi Koç signed a new protocol for the historical Fenerbahçe Ferry, which was transferred to the Rahmi M. Koç Museum with an agreement in 2011. In accordance with the extended protocol, the ferry built in Glasgow, Scotland in 1952 and used in public transportation services until 2011, will be taken into maintenance at Haliç Shipyard. After the repairs to be made, the ferry will take its place on the shore of the Koç Museum.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) transferred the 22 production “Fenerbahçe Ferry”, which was withdrawn from service on December 2008, 1952, to the Rahmi M. Koç Museum in Hasköy with the signed cooperation protocol. In this process, IMM undertook all the maintenance and repairs of the ferry. The last maintenance-repair operation of the historical ferry, which serves as a "museum ferry", was carried out in 2011 at the Golden Horn Shipyard. Having decided to extend the cooperation protocol with the Rahmi Koç Museum, İBB will take the Fenerbahçe Ferry back into maintenance after 10 years at the Haliç Shipyard. In this context, the ferry will be brought to Haliç Shipyard on 28 June 2021. After determining the needs of the ferry to be taken to the pool; Underwater sheet metal replacement, painting, propeller removal, maintenance of deck and terrace floor trees, handrail replacement and general maintenance-repair operations will be carried out.


Prior to the execution of all these procedures, the cooperation protocol between IMM and Rahmi M. Koç Museum was extended. “Renewal and Maintenance Protocol Signing Ceremony” held in front of Fenerbahçe Ferry, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu and the famous businessman Rahmi Koç. Before the ceremony, the first speech was made by Koç Holding Honorary President Rahmi Koç. Koç expressed the story of Fenerbahçe Ferry's journey from public transportation to its museums with these words:

“Years ago, our manager at that time, Ertuğrul Bey, came to me and said, 'Sir, there is a ferry; Fenerbahce. They want to give it to us,' he said. I said, 'What are we going to do? 'We tie it in front of our museum. We open it to our guests and visitors. It gives us additional square meters. We will save this ship, too," he said. And I said, 'Okay. I didn't really like it before. At that time, we took a tour on the Bosphorus with our former IMM President. They have landed, the ship is moored here. Indeed, Ertuğrul Bey saw long-term. This ship is a classic ship. It was one of the fastest sailing ships of its time. The care was fine. Despite this, the municipality has overhauled it again. The ship really added value to our museum.”


Noting that their contract with İBB ended 3 years ago, Koç said, “We have been trying to repeat this for 3 years. Nobody said to us, 'Your contract is over, we will take the ship back', but we are not comfortable. Because we don't know what to do. Make no mistake, Mr. President, it has taken a decision to renew the contract. I think today is a very historic day. We have decided both to extend our contract and to have the ship rebuilt. Our municipality will give us this ship as soon as possible. And this ship will serve our visitors, especially our children and students, as long as our museum stays here. I thank you very much.”


Speaking after Koç, İmamoğlu thanked Koç for his contributions to the field of museology. Emphasizing that they made the Haliç Shipyard more active after they took office, İmamoğlu shared the information that the production of Istanbul sea taxis, which will be put into service this summer, is also done in the Golden Horn, and stated that the Golden Horn shipyard will be held here as well as preserving its historical identity. Saying, “We continue to provide maintenance, repair and manufacturing services to different institutions and organizations, especially the Coast Guard,” İmamoğlu said, “Our City Lines General Manager, Sinem Dedetaş, has made a strong development by including women's labor in our subsidiary. I am very pleased with that as well,” he said.


Referring to the technical procedures to be carried out on the ferry, İmamoğlu drew attention to the importance of the Golden Horn in terms of city and tourism. “We will consider this area, both sides of the Golden Horn, from Eminönü to Alibeyköy, from Karaköy to Alibeyköy, as a tight tourism and historical route,” said İmamoğlu. We manage this process at an open table. By including all its parts, all partners and stakeholders in the process, we plan to turn a tourist who comes to Istanbul into a route that will increase his/her day, perhaps for at least one extra day, with a common mind. After the speeches, a protocol was signed between İmamoğlu and Koç regarding the renewal and time extension of Fenerbahçe Ferry. After the signatures, İmamoğlu and Koç put on captain hats and posed for the cameras.

Fenerbahçe Ferry was manufactured in Glasgow, Scotland in 1952. The ferry with a capacity of 14 passengers, which was put into service on May 1953, 2.100, operated between Sirkeci-Adalar-Yalova-Çınarcık for many years.

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