European Triathlon Cup Introduced

european triathlon cup was introduced
european triathlon cup was introduced

The European Triathlon Cup, which will be held on 30 July-1 August 2021 in Balıkesir with the contributions of the Metropolitan Municipality, was introduced at the Fatih Hall of the Courtyard Congress Center. 268 athletes, 300 of them foreign, will participate in the European Triathlon Cup to be held in the Youth and Elites categories.

In the presentation attended by Turkish Triathlon Federation President Bayram Yalçınkaya, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yücel Yılmaz, European Triathlon Federation Representative Angeliki Thoma and Balıkesir Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Lokman Arıcıoğlu, the track at the Balıkesir leg of the European Triathlon Cup was introduced.


Speaking at the launch ceremony, Turkish Triathlon Federation President Bayram Yalçınkaya said that Balıkesir has a special place in triathlon and said, “There was a tirathlon in Balıkesir before there was a federation in Turkey. Balıkesir has always supported triathlon. However, with Yücel Yılmaz Chairman, this support increased incredibly. We are working very seriously together, so we organize 3 organizations in Balıkesir. We introduced the Barana culture to the incoming athletes in Dursunbey. This was obviously a special day for me. At that time, we could not make a big organization because of the martyr's funeral. This time we want to introduce this culture to people from all over Turkey. We do not only see it as sports, but also as tourism. We had 600 athletes in the races we held on Avşa Island last week, this number exceeded a thousand with the guests. 90 percent saw Avşa for the first time. In this way, we also contribute to the promotion of Balıkesir and the increase of its athlete potential. I think that if we organize a good, quality organization here, we will raise the bar here and organize it in the form of a World Cup or a championship for advanced level. In Balıkesir, we have very serious studies with our esteemed director, esteemed president and ministry. We are working on both education and opening a seed center here. We think of Balıkesir as a triathlon center because right now the biggest athlete potential is here.” said.


Giving the good news that a protocol was signed between Balıkesir University (BAÜN) and the ministry, Federation President Yalçınkaya said that triathlon coaching specialty branch will be opened at the university.


Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yücel Yılmaz said that the number of people interested in triathlon sports is quite high in Balıkesir. Yılmaz said, “We give importance to all sports, but we want to be known as a city; triathlon, swimming, basketball and oil wrestling. These are the sports that are in our genes. When you look at Balıkesir, it has migrated from the Balkans and is tall and has a strong bone structure; swimming, basketball, running, we have the genes to do these things well. Hybrid genes are strong. This is where Turkey and Anatolia blend together. Single races are weak and cannot keep up with the times. We, as Balıkesir, have Georgian, Circassian, Muhacir, and Greengrocers, all in the same village. Our aptitude for sports is very high. We are a city where residents seek sports for their children as economic conditions increase. As a city where green and blue come together as a nature, sports suit us, triathlon suits us the most.” said.

At the launch, Balıkesir Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Lokman Arıcıoğlu talked about the state of Balıkesir in terms of establishment and the investments of the ministry.


Angeliki Thoma, Representative of the European Triathlon Federation, said that he saw a light in the city of Balıkesir, and that if Balıkesir develops itself, it can sign larger organizations. Angeliki Thoma also stated that the Courtyard Balikesir, where the European Triathlon Cup will be held, is very suitable for triathlon.

On the other hand, to the European Triathlon Cup to be held in Balıkesir in the Youth and Elites categories; 268 athletes, 300 of whom are foreigners, will participate.

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