To Carry Energy Storage System Applications to Turkey

will carry energy storage system applications to Turkey
will carry energy storage system applications to Turkey

Merus Turkey R&D Manager Serkan Anbar and Merus Turkey Sales Manager Elvan Aygün talked about the developments in the sector on energy storage systems.

Serkan Anbar, who made a general evaluation of Turkey's energy sector; “As in the rest of the world, investments have been directed towards renewable energy sources in Turkey as well. Especially solar power plants installed on factory roofs and wind power plants installed on fields started to meet a significant part of our energy needs. Since wind and sun are natural resources, their intensity is not always efficient at the same rate. Power plants are also unable to meet the imbalance of this situation. As system requirements become unbalanced, investments will increase in the future and it will be inevitable to control them. Especially when electric and autonomous vehicles come into play, the control and management of energy will be of great importance. With the chemical battery technology launched all over the world, energy storage will increase in order to control the unbalanced loads in the system. If these systems are not used, we will not be able to control the energy. This will cause damage to the systems as the energy cannot be integrated into the system correctly.”


Elvan Aygün, describing the work they have presented to the energy sector as Merus Power; “As Merus Turkey, we have been working for many years and we are engaged in many activities in the energy sector. We offer solutions in power electronics with our energy storage systems, compensation systems, Active Harmonic Filter, SVC and UPQ products, which are on our agenda. As Merus Turkey, the main subject we are currently focusing on is energy storage systems. As a company, we have implemented many activities in terms of both investment and R&D on this subject for many years. Now we want to reap the fruits of our efforts. Recently, our government has taken many steps on energy storage systems. We await further details of the regulations. We are very happy to be in a beautiful sector such as energy and to serve this sector.”


Evaluating the point we have reached as a result of the studies on energy storage systems, Aygün said; “As it is known, our natural resources are running out not only in Turkey but all over the world. For this reason, the renewable energy sector is becoming more and more important day by day. kazanHe is strengthening his position. There is a similar situation regarding renewable energy sources. Since the needs of the system cannot be balanced and regular due to variable parameters in renewable energy sources, auxiliary systems are needed to ensure the integration of these systems. What are these auxiliary systems? In many grids of the world, energy storage systems are used to integrate renewable energy systems into the system. These systems provide flexibility and reliability to the grid.” said.

Stating that important steps have been taken regarding this issue in Turkey, Aygün said; “Recently, the Energy Market Supervisory Board published the regulation of energy storage systems. With this development, the foundation of the rules in this field was laid. A new expectation arose in the industry as well. Now, the technical specifications of energy storage systems should be explained. Because after that, it is necessary to prepare the conditions of the system for energy storage systems that will provide maximum benefit to the grid. When the conditions of this system are prepared, energy storage systems will have entered our daily lives.” said.

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