EGİAD, Addressed Deep Technology

egiad tackled deep technology
egiad tackled deep technology

Supported within the scope of Competitive Sectors Program implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, under the execution of Ege Technopark, Ege University, EBİLTEM and EGİAD “D-TECH6,5ENT-Deep Technology Incubator for Entrepreneurs” project with a budget of 4 million Euros, EGİAD member business people were introduced with a webinar. Ege Teknopark Business Development Coordinator and NüvEge Incubation Center Coordinator Anıl Baybura attended the webinara as a speaker. Baybura conveyed how deep technologies are at the center of our lives and works.

Techno-Entrepreneurs Key Power to Boost Economic Growth

EGİAD General Secretary Prof. Dr. Delivering the opening speech of the meeting moderated by Fatih Dalkılıç EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that Ege Teknopark, which was established as the fourth Technology Development Zone of İzmir, works in cooperation and synergy with other stakeholders in İzmir and the Region, especially in the fields of life sciences and health.EGİAD We are an official part of the D-TECH4ENT project. EGİAD As the family, we attach great importance to being a part of this formation. The importance of entrepreneurial activities for the country's economies is increasing day by day, and giving the necessary importance to entrepreneurial activities is of great importance for the development of the country. In particular, techno-entrepreneurs are the key force driving economic growth. Technology entrepreneurship is a tool that facilitates prosperity in individuals, firms, regions and nations. Therefore, studies in the field of technology entrepreneurship offer an important function beyond intellectual curiosity. Deep technologies at the heart of the industrial and information revolution are the “next big thing” that companies and investors alike are looking for. Models, deep technologies that affect all industries at the intersection of major demand shifts driven by megatrends such as climate change, demographic shifts, resource scarcity or an aging population and scientific progress; namely artificial intelligence, IoT, Drones, sensors, robotics, new materials, biotechnologies, augmented/virtual reality. There are approximately 70 deep technology companies (those who benefit from technological breakthroughs that require intensive R&D) in nearly 8.700 international markets.

Enterprise Ecosystem in Turkey

Evaluating the entrepreneurial ecosystem and Derin Teknoloji in Turkey, Yelkenbiçer noted that according to official statistics, the rate of high-tech products in industrial exports is 3,2 percent and emphasized that it is aimed to increase this rate to 2023 percent in 5,8. Yelkenbiçer pointed out that in today's world, where social development is based on knowledge, technological and innovative ideas and activities have gained a completely different importance and said, “Especially, support mechanisms to generate ideas and commercialize them in the light of the regulations made in training programs are of great importance. In this context, to university students with TÜSİAD BGİV; Trying to reach high school students under the name of Diamond Challenge EGİAD We are trying to contribute to this strategy with our Melekleri brand. Examining the characteristics of fundamentally deep technology breakthrough innovations, it is clear that barriers to entry and knowledge spillovers for others are high, but time to market is long, product development costs and product risks are high. Although these technologies have a major impact, take a long time to reach market-ready maturity and require substantial capital, it is clear that a central innovation structure is not designed as a “one-stop-shop”. Today, universities are ranked according to the entrepreneurship and innovation index; Institutions that train innovative young people in accordance with market conditions and starting a new business come to the fore. EU projects that promote transforming innovation into economic value are becoming widespread.

Deep Technology in the World and Turkey

Ege Technopark Business Development Coordinator and NüvEge Incubation Center Coordinator Anıl Baybura conveyed the development process of Deep Tech, which has been used extensively since 2014. Anıl Baybura, who also clarified the “D-TECH4ENT-Deep Technology Incubator for Entrepreneurs” project, said that Ege Teknopark has an already functioning infrastructure, Ege University has experience in education, as project partners. EGİADHe drew attention to the professionalism of . Baybura stated that Deep Tech type ideas usually need advanced laboratories, test centers, specialized resources, specific machinery, strong infrastructure, capital, comprehensive thinking and confidentiality. Baybura noted that these startups with enormous impact require a long development process, sustainable financial investment and specialized infrastructure before they are ready for the market. Baybura continued his speech as follows: “When we examine the sources, the entrepreneurial economy has a value of approximately 3 trillion dollars, this ratio is as much as a G7 country. 10 of the 7 largest companies in the world operate in the technology sector. The Global Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Report predicts that the next Silicon Valley will not be like Silicon Valley, but will grow on entirely different innovations and deep technologies will be the key. The US and China accounted for approximately 2015 percent of global investments in deep technology companies from 2018 to 81. The USA has invested 32.8 billion dollars and China 14.6 billion dollars in deep technology investments.”

Touching on the developments in Turkey, Anıl Baybura pointed out that the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Technology, KOSGEB, TUBITAK, Development Agencies and various organizations support these structures. Referring to the sector problems in detail, Baybura also conveyed the specific goals and priorities. Baybura emphasized the importance of customized one-on-one guidance and coaching support for entrepreneurs, providing infrastructure, establishing a center for deep technology, and increasing angel investors.

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