Millions of People Lose Their Lives Every Year in the World Due to Cigarette Addiction

what to do to quit smoking
what to do to quit smoking

📩 01/06/2021 11:47

Every year, millions of people in the world stay in hospital or die as a result of diseases that develop due to tobacco addiction, especially tobacco. Near East University Hospital Chest Diseases Department Specialist Dr. On May 31, No Tobacco Day, Fadime Tülücü reminds that smokers do great harm not only to themselves but also to their entire environment.

Smoking is one of the most dangerous epidemic epidemics in the world. For this reason, the World Health Organization (WHO) carries out very serious anti-smoking programs in its member countries. One of them is the No Tobacco Day, which has been celebrated on May 1987 every year since 31. The aim of the day is to encourage smokers to quit smoking for 24 hours and to remind them that they can permanently remove smoking from their lives. Thus, it is aimed to raise awareness of smoking cessation by drawing attention to the importance of staying away from the harmful effects of smoking, even for one day. What to Do to Quit Smoking?

Babies are the most affected among passive smokers

Exp. Dr. Fadime Tülücü reminds that cigarette smoke not only harms the user directly, but also harms passive smokers. Noting that the damages of "third-hand smoke" have been mentioned in addition to "second hand smoke" recently, Uzm pointed out. Dr. Fadime Tülücü said, “The sticking of cigarette smoke to people's clothes and skin and the formation of harmful substances in their breath is defined as 'third hand smoking'. First-degree family relatives, especially babies, are most affected by this situation.

There is a need for non-smoking social environments

“Using open spaces in socializing environments such as restaurants and cafes during the pandemic period creates an increasing risk in terms of second and third-hand smoke exposure,” said Uzm. Dr. Fadime Tülücü draws attention to the necessity of creating smoke-free airspaces for this reason. Explaining that the creation of areas such as non-smoking parks, gardens, restaurants, cafes and their generalization has become an important need. Dr. Tülücü states that this will be a respectable and encouraging behavior in today's municipality.

Products such as hookahs and electronic cigarettes are not innocent

Exp. Dr. Stating that the claims of products such as hookahs and electronic cigarettes to be innocent are purely purposeful and misleading information, Fadime Tülücü continues as follows; “The use of hookah, which has increased in recent years, is not only harmful, like all other tobacco products, but also poses a risk for the transmission of diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis. Electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products offered to the market by the tobacco industry claiming to have the ability to quit smoking also pose a danger equivalent to cigarettes. "

5 out of 3 people who try smoking become addicted

5 out of every 3 people who try to smoke become addicted. That's why the tobacco industry targets young people. Drawing attention to the importance of raising the young generation with the awareness of combating tobacco, Uzm. Dr. Fadime Tülücü, starting from kindergarten; states that the use of tobacco products should be prevented through education programs specific to children, youth and adult age groups.

exp. Dr. Fadime Tülücü: "It is possible to quit smoking!"

Drawing attention to the necessity of facing a difficult process in quitting smoking and seeking support from health institutions, Uzm. Dr. Fadime Tülücü, “On May 31st, World No Tobacco Day, do yourself and your loved ones a favor, quit smoking for a lifetime, not just one day. Of course, quitting smoking is hard and serious work. But it is NEVER IMPOSSIBLE! " using expressions.

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