Things to Consider After Getting a Dental Implant

Things to consider after having a dental implant
Things to consider after having a dental implant

There are many questions in the minds of those who have and want to have a dental implant, which is defined as an artificial tooth root surgically placed in the jawbone. Is dental implant difficult? Does it hurt to have a dental implant? What should be considered after having a dental implant? What to eat after dental implant? Dentist Zafer Kazak gave important information.

Titanium is preferred as an implant material because it interacts with body tissues and is a material resistant to forces. Implants can be placed in the cavities created by previously lost teeth or in the tooth socket immediately after extraction if there is no serious infection. The main purpose of implant application is to make usable teeth on it.

Implants are placed in the jawbone with a simple operation when the bone is sufficient and suitable to make fixed or removable prostheses. If the amount or density of the bone is not at the desired level, it may be necessary to perform procedures to form the bone before the implant application. After the implant, hot foods should be avoided for a few days. More soft and nutritious foods should be consumed.

Making a new tooth instead of an implant to replace the lost tooth is important for the function of the surrounding teeth and the entire chewing system. In this way, a tooth that fulfills the aesthetic and chewing function in natural tooth form is obtained, while the loss of the surrounding teeth into the tooth cavity and deformities in other teeth are prevented. In addition, the bone loss that occurs over time in the cavity formed after tooth extraction is prevented when the implant is made. Implant application is a successful form of treatment that can be applied to everyone, except for some exceptional cases.

Anyone who has a bone of the thickness, height and quality where the implant can be placed can be implanted by evaluating their health status. Having enough bone tissue in a person depends on some factors. Some people may have very thin/thick or less/more bones inherited. In some people, tooth and gingivitis cause the bone tissue around them to melt and decrease. For this reason, if a decision is made to have a tooth extracted, it is beneficial to perform the extraction immediately in order not to cause bone loss.

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