Dacia Brings Price Performance Products to Consumers

dacia brings price performance products to consumers
dacia brings price performance products to consumers

Dacia has come a long way since its establishment in 1968, its acquisition by the Renault Group in 1999, and now it has an international identity. kazanAn Romanian brand has succeeded with the formula of offering the most basic features at the most affordable prices. The brand, which is preparing to add a new title to its success story, continues to bring price performance products to consumers in accordance with the requirements of the age.

Dacia, with its approach that goes beyond the traditional in the past 15 years, appeals to a wide target audience with its approach towards rational consumption. With more than 44 million customers in 7 countries, the brand continues to evolve constantly to keep up with the times.

The name of Dacia, which set out in 1968 with the aim of offering modern, robust and economical automobiles to all Romanian citizens, was inspired by “Dacia”, the old name of today's Romania region. Joining the Renault Group in 1999 under the leadership of Louis Schweitzer, the brand also paved the way for new goals.

This new leap in the brand's history was realized in 2004 with the launch of the Logan model, the modern, durable and above all accessible family sedan. Originally designed for emerging markets and offered for an unbeatable price of 5 euros, the model achieved great commercial success, including in western Europe, in 2005. This new vehicle, offered at a second hand price, revolutionized the automobile market.

2008 saw the launch of Sandero, Dacia's second major launch under the Renault Group. The model also marked the brand's biggest commercial success. Sandero, with its interior volume at an upper segment level, its versatile structure and reasonable price, which are among the many advantages it offers, topped the retail sales in Europe.

In 2010, Dacia once again changed the rules by offering the most affordable SUV on the market. With an attractive exterior and an affordable price point, the Duster was a serious commercial success.

In the continuation of the story, a new revolution comes with Spring, the most affordable electric car on the European market. With its SUV-looking city car, Dacia is once again changing the rules, making electric mobility accessible to everyone.

Over the years, the brand has remained true to its own identity while adapting to customer demands. Dacia, which keeps up with the times and meets the consumers with its smart offers, thus created a community that enjoys meeting at the famous Dacia meetings, which have a great impact.

Dacia today and tomorrow

Producing more modern cars in accordance with the requirements of the time over the years, Dacia does not compromise on the unrivaled price-performance balance that brings success. From design to sales and production to transportation, the brand sticks to its strategy of optimizing costs at every step, so customers only pay for the features they need.

Dacia's biggest goal is to achieve success in new markets with its back product range focusing on core customer needs and effective business models. In doing so, the market and products will be enriched, especially in the C segment. Launched at the presentation of the Renaulution strategic plan in January 2021, Bigster Concept heralds the expansion of the Dacia range into new horizons.

Speaking at the presentation of the strategic plan, Denis Le Vot, CEO of Dacia and LADA brands, said, “Dacia will always remain Dacia and offer its customers suitable models that provide smart investment opportunities that offer the best value for money. With the creation of the Dacia/LADA business unit, we will make the most of our CMF-B modular platform, increasing our efficiency and further improving the quality, competitiveness and attractiveness of our products. We have everything to reach the new high. Bigster Concept shows us the way.”

With the Bigster Concept, Dacia has become even more attractive and suitable for the outdoors, while signaling that it will continue to be accessible and focus on the essentials. Bigster Concept, produced for open air and dusty roads, offers the basic features of an SUV vehicle in its segment. Its clean lines and timeless proportions reveal its robustness and adventurous identity and add a libertarian identity to the brand. Dacia is becoming an escape motto that offers its customers unique, real and simple experiences.

Dacia is preparing to open a new page in its history with a completely new visual identity to embody the brand vision. The new visual features appeal to the desire for freedom and reliability, have the spirit of the outdoors and will reflect the basic demands of the age.

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